As per announcement made on Dec 1, 2022, Twitter is recommending tweets from people you don't follow to all users. Twitter is doing this to ensure that "everyone on Twitter sees the best content on the platform", so it’s making it available to people who "may not have seen them before."

The "home" — or non-historical — feed, which organizes tweets algorithmically, shows recommended tweets. Mostly, those tweets are from people you follow, but every once in a while, I'll see one from someone you don't. I assumed everyone would get recommended tweets, but according to Twitter's upgrade on Wednesday, those who aren't already see them.

The adjustment could help Twitter's user growth, which Elon Musk has already said has grown since he took over. Better user numbers can be a key factor in winning back advertisers, but some big ones have recently left the social network.

Twitter has joined the Meta with the suggested edit, and it's Musk's latest imprint on the site. Musk ordered users to log out on his first day as owner of the social network, and is working on a relaunch that would allow users to pay for a blue verified checkmark

If you don't want to see recommended tweets in your feed, you can go to the "latest" timeline. However, you should be aware that you may still see recommendations in your notifications tab on occasion. They seem to be there for me when I haven't checked on Twitter for a few days.

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