Houston Web Design Company for Online Businesses
Houston Web Design Company for Online Businesses

Houston Web Design Agency for Struggling Businesses

YourDigiLab is one of the most recognized digital firms in Texas. Our web design agency has been helping online businesses in the four most obvious situations.

  •  Your business website is unable to provide an astounding customer experience
  •  Competitors own a trendier and more attractive website than yours
  •  You are in extreme need to hire a professional grade SEO team
  •  You require a customized website for your venture in a short time
Web Design Company in Houston
Web Design Company in Houston

Our Exclusive Chain of Houston Web Design Services

ADA-Compliant Web Design

The term ADA refers to a civil rights law known as the Americans with Disabilities Act, which prevents discrimination between individuals and those with disabilities. Any website designed according to its guidelines is versatile enough to cater to disabled customers equally. To focus on this type of web design, we add several features to our websites, like accessibility, responsive design, color contrast, intuitive navigation, and more.

Web Hosting

At YDL, we have been helping business owners all over Texas to make their ventures visible and accessible over the web. By operating as web hosts, we tend to store your data on our servers and provide your platform with a strong domain. Because this service can be expensive for plenty of reasons, we have shared a list of hosting packages on our website. You can hire us at any time to make sure that visitors can easily access your website’s content.

Logo Design

Do not underestimate the importance of a logo, as it visually represents and promotes your brand. Our web design company has been designing the most promising and attractive website logos for our clients. Feel free to share your ideas and concept behind your business and allow us to create a meaningful logo. After all, visually promoting your business is the best way to make people remember. Also, it helps to outdo competitors.

Website Maintenance

Investing in website maintenance supports business growth at an extensive level. It involves frequently updating the website to ensure proper functioning, status, and performance. Our team also works on the mobile responsiveness of a website to make sure it is compatible with multiple devices. Doing so helps to boost the longevity of the website and further provides an outstanding experience to visitors.

Shopify Website Design

At YDL, we provide expert assistance and calculated solutions for Shopify store owners. Our team can redesign or rebuild an existing Shopify store to help its owners provide an outstanding customer experience. Also, we are experts in the Shopify platform and can easily create a flawless storefront for professionals throughout Houston. We prioritize features like payment integration, product setup, mobile optimization, and more.

E-Commerce Website Design

By offering e-commerce website design services, our company tends to create and enhance online stores for clients. We help store owners by outdoing the performance of their storefronts. Our team adds multiple features like checkout systems, product catalogs, and shopping carts to clients’ projects. It results in providing customers and visitors with a memorable and appreciable shopping experience.

Website Redesign

Not every web design agency in Houston provides website redesign services. It is because revamping an already-built website without losing important data can be tedious. Fortunately, at YDL, we are experts in recreating and reestablishing old websites according to the latest market trends. From using a trendy business-oriented theme to updating the web content, we go through every necessary step for better results.

Landing Page Design

The landing page of the website is the one where a visitor lands through a given URL. By working on the design of this page, we make sure that our client's visitors reach the right destination after a click. We try our best to make this page attractive and compelling for every visitor by modifying its visual elements and adding a prominent CTA button. The primary goal of this page is to generate potential leads.

Website Analysis

We consider website analysis a necessary requirement for the growth of a website. It includes the necessary evaluation and examination of a website’s structure, performance, analytics, elements, and content. Also, through this service, we help our clients to analyze their websites for improvements and errors. Doing so is a great way to meet business goals and increase conversions in a short time.

Our Website Design Services for Houstonian Businesses

User Experience Testing

Our website design agency caters to business owners throughout Texas by providing them with user experience testing services. We can promise flawless testing of your application, product, service, or website. It is the best way to understand how a user will react to the provisions of our client's venture. Also, it is a great way to check for improvements and errors.

Video Production

Undoubtedly, videos are considered one of the most recommended ways to promote business. By offering services for video production, we tend to create documentaries, promotional videos, training videos, advertisements, and more. Our team gives attention to every step from pre-planning to post-production. We have hired an experienced video production team at YDL.

Content Creation

Content has always been the king for the promotion and growth of a business. Our web design agency focuses on every aspect of content from high-density keywords to SEO optimization. We add content to a website in multiple forms like images, videos, audio, infographics, and any other forms of media. It is the best way to define a business and communicate with target audiences.

Rapid Website Designing

A huge number of professionals in the market are looking for rapid website designing services. At YDL, we are helping Texans to build and establish a business website in a short time frame without compromising on quality. Our team uses customized and ready-made templates and themes for the development of such websites. Also, we make sure to meet all the business requirements of our clients.

Why YourDigiLab?

Customer Service

Our website design company is recognized all over the USA for providing outstanding customer service. We are available throughout the day to help our clients. You can always hire us for promising digital solutions for your website. We prioritize all of our clients by helping them as soon as possible.

Web Designing Experts

We are experts in designing a variety of websites for business owners. Our team can create desktop-friendly and mobile-friendly websites to ensure performance on multiple devices. Also, we can customize websites for our clients by listening to their ideas and expectations regarding their venture.

Valued Partnership

YourDigiLab collaborates with every client to the fullest. We consider our customers as our partners and provide them with the best quality services for website design and development. Our prime goal is to satisfy each and every client and make sure to provide them with a promising website.

The Way We Plan Our Web Design Strategy in Houston, Texas

Goal Identification

We initialize our website design strategy by identifying the goals of our client's business. At this step, we focus on understanding the entire website design and pattern along with its basic features. Knowing the target objectives of a project helps to meet the client's expectations and come up with an ideal website.

Scope Analysis

The second step of our website design strategy is scope analysis. It involves the identification of the project's objectives, boundaries, assessments, and risks. By using different Gant charts, we create different milestones for the project. Here, our clients try to follow every deadline and satisfy the client.

Sitemap Creation

A sitemap is a fundamental element of the project, which connects our website with all its web pages. In this step, we focus on the creation of the sitemap and the wireframe to have an idea about the overall look of the website. Our team goes through detailed research for this step.

Content Creation

The next step of the web design strategy revolves around the addition and creation of content. We make sure to add SEO-optimized web content in the form of Meta tags, titles, and keywords throughout the website. Also, we add other forms of content like videos, images, and audio.

Content Visualization

Content visualization, as the name implies, is the process of adding visual elements to a website. Here, we enhance the appearance of our website by making it visually attractive through shapes, colors, graphics, and different sizes. It makes the website appealing to visitors and brings traffic.

Website Development

Among all the steps, website development is a crucial one throughout the process. All the information gathered is used here for the development of the project into a trendy and responsive website. We make sure to meet all customer expectations and come up with a flawless website design.

Website Launch

We finalize our overall strategy through the website launch. Soon after performing all the steps and developing our client's website, we make it live for public use. Also, we perform UI and UX testing to make sure of the performance. We also provide post-development services to corporate clients.

What Can Clients Expect From Our Web Design Agency?

  •  A promising website that provides an outstanding user experience
  •  Responsive website design compatible with multiple devices
  •  Visually appealing websites that attract customers at a glance
  •  Regular monthly reporting to keep the clients updated
  •  Post-development services to help clients after the website launch
  •  ADA-compliant websites to provide disabled individuals with equal facilities


Everything You Need To Know About How We Offer The Services

The budget and cost of a Houston web design agency depend on various factors like the complexity, features, and scope of the project. For a more accurate estimate, it is better to consult with our agency for a quote.

Our web design firm is experienced enough to provide clients with responsive websites that are compatible with multiple devices like smartphones and tablets.

Yes, we do offer search engine optimization services to our clients. We have hired a separate SEO team to enhance website ranking on popular search engines. You can connect with us to discuss it in detail.

Our web design firm caters to clients by offering support and maintenance services like regular updates, technical support, and frequent security checks.

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