Best Practices to Keep Website Secure from Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)

By John Fernandes on Apr 01, 2023
Website Development

Protect your website from Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) attacks with input validation, sanitization, and output encoding. Learn about status codes and troubleshooting errors to keep your site secure.

How To Develop Dynamic User Interface In React?

By John Fernandes on Feb 09, 2023
Website Development

Developing a dynamic user interface in React needs some practices, such as using React router, keeping the components small, using controlled components, and more.

Django vs. Laravel: Which Framework Will Be the Right Choice In 2023?

By John Fernandes on Jan 30, 2023
Website Development

So, you are moving to the next level with Django vs. Laravel and want to know if Django or Laravel will be the right choice in 2023. Here's the answer!

Essential Tips for Improving Your Website Performance In 2023

By John Fernandes on Jan 20, 2023
Website Development

Is your website still waiting to load after the New Year has started? Look forward to some of these approaches and to improving your website performance today.

How Much Is Shopify Monthly Vs Yearly Plan?

By Contributor on Dec 27, 2022
Website Development

In this article, we have discussed the Shopify monthly vs yearly plan and which one is more beneficial?

Top 10 Biggest Technology Trends in 2023

By John Fernandes on Oct 25, 2022
Website Development

What are going to be the biggest technology trends in 2023? Read this article to know about the top ten trends according to experts.

Which Operating system is best for programmers in 2022?

By Ramsha Irfan on Sep 29, 2022
Website Development

We know that the operating system manages all programs of computers, and the question how what features do they have?

Go vs Rust: Which One is Better and Why?

By John Fernandes on Aug 22, 2022
Website Development

Nowadays, Go and Rust are the youngest and most preferred programming languages. When coming across a Go vs Rust, which one will you prefer?

How to Find Remote Jobs for a WordPress Developer?

By John Fernandes on Jun 15, 2022
Website Development

WordPress developers can make the most of their professions with remote jobs. Check out these ways to work remotely as a WP developer all over the globe.

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~ 3 mins to read

Angular 12 Vs Angular 13: What's the Difference and Features?

By John Fernandes on Jun 10, 2022
Website Development

Do you know the difference between angular 12 and angular 13? Read here to find out their basic features at yourdigilab blog and pick the better one for your projects!

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~ 2 mins to read