A senior Twitter executive was let go by Elon Musk after he refused to fire more members of the advertising sales team, according to two people familiar with the situation who spoke to Insider.

Robin Wheeler, Twitter's head of worldwide ad sales, tendered his resignation on Thursday, but Musk persuaded him to stay on, the magazine's sources confirmed.

The millionaire changed his mind a week later. According to Local Today, Wheeler was let go Friday because he refused to downsize Twitter's already understaffed ad sales team.

"To the team and my clients....you were always my first and only priority," Wheeler tweeted Friday in the past tense. Wheeler's Twitter bio now reads "Proud Former Twitter Sales Executive". He ended his message with a greeting emoji, which has recently come to represent Twitter employees who are being let go as a result of layoffs and layoffs.

According to Platformer Casey Newton, some members of the sales team at Twitter learned they had been fired over the weekend and on Monday for failing to log into Twitter's systems.

That followed Musk's email to staff members outlining his goals for building "Twitter 2.0." Musk said in the email that employees will receive three months of severance if they don't sign up for the "new Twitter" by 5 p.m. Thursday.

According to Wheeler's LinkedIn page, he joined Twitter in 2012 as senior director of sales, where he oversaw relationships with some of the company's largest clients, including Coca-Cola, Google, and Microsoft. In April this year, he was named head of advertising sales.

Wheeler was replaced over the weekend by Chris Reddy, Twitter's former vice president of Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, according to multiple insiders.

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