After Announcing He Was Done With Layoffs A Few Days Ago, Elon Musk Fired Dozen More Twitter Employees The Night Before Thanksgiving.

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Key Points

•    Twitter fired dozens of employees Wednesday night, according to people familiar with the situation who spoke to Insider.
•    According to the people, Twitter surprised them all with a sudden firing, leaving the engineers more affected.
•    Since Musk took charge, thousands of Twitter employees have been laid off, let go, or fired.

Elon Musk fired dozens of Twitter employees overnight on Wednesday, mostly engineers, two people with knowledge of the company's operations told Insider.

People claimed that the shooting took Twitter by surprise. At an all-hands meeting earlier this week, Musk announced that the firm would not be making any additional layoffs.

The overnight workers on Wednesday received a month's severance pay and were advised that their termination was due to poor performance, according to one of the people.

According to NBCnews, the layoff procedure was similar to that of previously laid-off workers: access to work equipment and computers was suspended, and affected employees received layoff notices by email.

Musk has already let go, forced to quit, or fired thousands of Twitter staff, leaving key personnel overworked. People claimed that because Twitter's teams are already stretched thin, many employees are required to work Thanksgiving.

As Insider previously reported, Musk's new policy requires Twitter engineers and other staff working on code or technical projects to provide weekly updates on what they've worked on. What they hoped to accomplish, and the specific lines of code they wrote are at least partially responsible for the firing. These updates are usually on Fridays, but due to the Thanksgiving break, they were actually scheduled to happen on Wednesday.

According to reports, Twitter has hired external engineers to work for the company under Musk. Musk apparently even paid for the hoax to convince the media that he had just been fired from Twitter.

According to one employee, the changes convinced staff that Musk had broken his tendency to fire people without warning.


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