The $8-per-month Twitter Blue subscription with Elon Musk's verification is live now, but you'll need to join with a verified phone number.

According to the Twitter thread, if you sign up on iOS, Blue will cost $11 a month and give you access to edit tweets, upload 1080p videos, reader mode, and, of course, the blue checkmark. If you paid for the old $4.99 / $2.99 Blue bundle, you'll need to pay again to continue getting its features, however, anyone who signs up at Apple at the old $7.99 per month price, will automatically renew at $11 per month unless he cancels.

Updated Blue was first launched on November 9, but was pulled a day later after a flood of users found (somewhat) high-profile companies and accounts despite the platform's ban on the practice. Later on, Elon Musk Says, “Twitter Blue Verified account To Re-launch on November 29th”.

This time, Twitter is relying on vaguely specific review procedures to keep "verified" fraud to a minimum, as well as requiring phone number verification:

On the signup page, the company states that the current price is a "limited-time deal" and highlights several features that will be available soon. These include the opportunity to "skip over comments", publish "longer videos" and watch about half as many ads.

Twitter claims that anyone who already has a blue badge won't lose it "at this time", although Musk says it will happen in "a few months". Users who change their display name or profile photo, however, will lose their checkmark when their account is verified.


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