CRM Features That YourDigiLab Offers & Why You Need Them?

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In order to improve your selling perspective, YourDigiLab provides a number of CRM tools. While our contact management tool allows you to save and organize information about customers, our lead management feature helps in keeping track of and prioritizing potential customers. You can keep tabs on deals as they progress through the sales funnel, and you may anticipate future revenue with the help of sales forecasting. Email integration makes sure that contact goes smoothly, and reporting and analytics give you information about how well your sales are doing. Automation streamlines routine operations, while consumer segmentation for focused advertising. To maximize sales effectiveness and promote corporate growth, these elements are essential.

Why Do You Need CRM Features That YourDigiLab Offers? 

Customer relationship management refers to the technology that helps business organize their interactions with current and potential customers. The point is quite simple, it clearly shows this helps one to strengthen the relationship with companies to expand your own. It is has become necessary for us to Expand Business through Social Media because this world is now revolving around it. CRM is very important in the world of business as it helps businesses stay connected to customers, streamline operations, and boost profits. That's quite the catch, no?

Workflow Automation

Customer relationship management has a feature to rationalize the workflow by automating tasks that includes tracking, order processing, and inventory control. By fixing up custom rules and sales force automation, you can automate certain actions hinged on events or triggers. Consider it that when your customer fills out a contact form on the website, this software leads the message to the right sales representative or suitable department. If you get no response in return from there, the software itself sends a follow up message after a pre-configured time. This keeps an eye on everything like when a sales representative is communicating with someone as it logs hours and keeps a track. As the task is completed by the representatives, the software reports them to the supervisors and upper management for the report of performance. It is especially made to save your time in many ways and no extra efforts would be applied on tedious sales tasks like inventory control and processing of orders. 


YourDigiLab has come up with CRM software for you as it plays a vital role in the world of business these days, providing individual needs and wants. It gives permission for the customization of features such as dashboard data, contact fields, and reports. Further customization can be carried out through extensions, plugins, and add-ons. For higher-level customization, providers of this CRM software offer APIs, granting developers access to the technical specifications and coding for complete software customization. APIs also bring out integration with relevant business solutions streamlining processes and setting the seal on that software is tailored to your specific business needs. It's giving necessity!

Third-party Integration

By connecting your CRM software to other solutions will definitely save you time and money by utilizing third-party software integrations. Salesforce, for example, has its marketplace called AppExchange, which allows users to connect Salesforce to QuickBooks accounting software, Mailchimp email marketing software, and DocuSign electronic signatures. By using these third-party integrations, you can run CRM software directly from Outlook, Gmail, or other email clients, automate sales and order information sync with your POS system and accounting software, build email lists, and launch email marketing campaigns from either software and back up and sync data with cloud storage services like Dropbox and Depending on the program, some types of integrations may need to be handled by IT.

Customer Service

CRM software is a must for businesses to grab and preserve customers by providing outstanding service to their customers. It offers customers a complete 360-degree view of the customers they serve while keeping track of all points of contact, from generating leads by means of closed sales and purchase histories. For use later on, it tracks incidents, online visits, purchase histories, and various other activities. CRM software routinely delivers customers acknowledgements of their enquiries and personalizes interactions by using the first names of customers. It additionally provides unique reference numbers to each account. It provides pre-written call scripts and email templates that address typical queries.

Some CRM programs combine third-party programs like the support desk, SurveyMonkey survey software, and RingCentral business phone system. CRM software may sync sales and order data with POS systems and accounting software, and it can be used straight from Outlook, Gmail, or other email programs. In addition, it can automatically create email lists and start email marketing campaigns using CRM or email marketing software. Popular cloud backup storage systems provide data synchronization and backup. Some integrations can need the management of IT.

Employee Tracking

CRM software is a valuable tool for tracking employee activity and performance. It certainly provides individual accounts for employees to track hours, tasks, meetings, sales numbers, and goals. Supervisors and upper management can access dashboards to view individual goals and productivity metrics. This privilege helps managers write performance reviews, create incentives, reward strong employees, identify struggling employees, and address areas for improvement.

Social Media 

A CRM with built-in social media monitoring features can help save marketing teams time by allowing them to monitor their company's social media accounts without switching platforms. Salesforce offers tools for social media tasks such as social listening, gaining insights into social media actions, customizing strategies across various channels, understanding customer demographics, identifying and leveraging brands, and managing daily tasks related to posting to social media accounts. This assuredly helps in optimizing marketing efforts and enhancing brand visibility. Quite helpful, I must make it known.

Lead Management

A CRM's lead management capability assists in tracking leads' activities throughout the sales cycle. It enables the scoring of leads and categorizing them for re-engagement with various team members. To avoid leaving leads in a CRM for an extended period of time, a savvy sales manager might disperse dead leads to various team members for re-engagement.

Real-Time Data 

Real-time data, which enables CRM systems to collect data from numerous devices, applications, and appliances, became the primary motivation for CRM systems in 2017. By providing a quick overview of market demand, enabling the updating of marketing plans, and finding revenue-generating goods and services that can benefit from greater visibility, this data helps marketers make wise decisions. It also aids in determining which goods and services bring in the most revenue. All real!

CRM Analytics 

CRM analytics provides valuable insights into customer data, assisting in better decision-making regarding products, services, marketing, and communications. Key features of CRM analytics include user-friendly segmentation, clear profit and loss data for ROI determination, and informative web analytics that illustrate customer website usage and behaviors.


Reporting is quite 'the necessary' feature in CRMs that consolidates sales and marketing results. It includes various report types, such as lead generation, sales generated, closed leads, outbound calls, email effectiveness, and lead conversion stages. The more report types you can access, the better your CRM will perform. This feature helps identify opportunities to close leads quickly and efficiently, ensuring a more effective marketing strategy. Yes, genius.

Sales Forecasting 

Based on current pipeline data, a CRM with this function forecasts future sales, enabling companies to modify their marketing strategies. For instance, a toy store can modify promotions if it predicts strong holiday sales. As well as sales forecasting can foresee market shifts, lowering corporate risks. 


Email tracking can be overwhelming and mostly confusing, with the average office worker receiving 121 emails in 2015. It's a must for sales emails to be received and addressed promptly to increase revenue. CRM software can help keep sales reps organized and productive by integrating calendars to schedule appointments and engage prospects. Life sounds a little easier now, right? Moreover, CRM software can automatically pull in email templates, thus saving time on content creation. These templates can include basic company information, follow-up after phone calls, one email sent, and follow-up to proposals waiting for customer return. CRM software can be useful for businesses of all sizes, but selecting an effective platform that can scale with your needs is essential and should be a priority in that matter. Look for these 12 features in CRM software before purchasing, and good luck with that.


All the businesses who are finding ways to boost sales productivity and client connections, YourDigiLab offers a range of CRM products. Lead and contact management, sales pipeline tracking and forecasting, email integration, analytics, automation, and reporting are just some of the customer relationship management features we offer. Businesses call for such features as a way to efficiently handle and nurture leads, track sales results, and customize experiences for clients. The customer relationship management program from YourDigiLab can help you sell more and grow your business.

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