Apple Intelligence: What AI Features Coming to the iPhone and Other iOS Devices

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Apple has finally announced its new upgrade and that is Apple Intelligence. Apple Intelligence is a better version of AI that has been going around over the internet. People are eager to utilize the new features of AI that Apple has on board to offer. Moreover, this version is claimed to be better, faster, and smarter than all the artificial intelligence tools that have been launched so far. These AI features will only be available for Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, Mac, etc. A smarter version of the currently available Siri, this AI features allow users to type text, generate images, and create Genmoji easily with just a prompt. 

Facilitating the users, this feature will only be available for users having iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max adding up other iOS devices that have M1 or later chips installed. The general language of this tool is set to be in English. After the update of iOS 18, the integration of Apple Intelligence is all set to take place by the end of this year. It allows all sorts of generation be it text, images, or videos. Moreover, the excessive privacy and other features that come along with it are said to be exceptional. Are you waiting to experience all the features Apple has incorporated in this new upgrade? Well, In this detailed article for you to get more insights and learn everything regarding the new Apple Intelligence.

What is Apple Intelligence?

Apple has recently announced to introduction of its very own AI feature in the new models of iPhones. This AI technology allows the users to express themselves visually and create unique images, text, and Genmoji across their devices. Moreover, this AI feature also makes iOS devices more efficient and smarter than before. A better version of Siri, prioritizing messages and notifications, and third-party tools like ChatGPT will be incorporated into the devices. It will also ensure better device performance and a seamless user experience. 

Here Are 10 AI Features Coming to iPhone and Other iOS Devices

•    Siri 2.0

After a wait of 13 long years, users of iOS devices will finally get to witness a significant update in the voice assistant of Apple known as Siri. This is going to be the biggest update in the history of Siri. According to research! Siri processes over 2 billion requests in a week. Users will now be able to type to Siri rather than just voice control. This update will give a boost in natural language resulting in correcting the errors automatically made by the person. It will also allow Siri to take multiple actions across the device and apps to have a better experience for the users. 

•    Prioritize Messages and Notifications

Apple is all set to introduce a new feature for messages and notifications. This will prioritize your emails in the inbox depending on the context. Be it your boarding passes, job interviews, or event invitations, this feature will cover you up. Now no more getting important emails lost and missing significant events of your life. Furthermore, Apple has also introduced its new feature which will prioritize notifications automatically across your device. A summary of notifications will be provided and the Reduce Interruption feature reduces unnecessary notifications to pop-up on the lock screen.  

•    Photos Upgrade

Users were already done with the traditional layout of Photos that Apple has been following for years. It has finally come to an end. Apple Intelligence has an inbuilt ability to create custom categories and galleries across your photos to easily differentiate between dates and specific events. You can even search for a specific picture by typing "Elena with a panda" and the relevant image will pop up. 

•    Cleanup Tool

Photo bombing in your special pictures can be frustrating at times or unnecessary people and tools can bother you significantly. To rescue the users and save them from downloading any other apps, Apple Intelligence has come up with a Cleanup Tool in the Photos app. You can now remove distracting objects from your pictures in just a swipe. 

•    ChatGPT

ChatGPT has marked the presence of artificial intelligence and done wonders for the world. Apple has incorporated with a third party tool i.e ChatGPT for enhanced performance. Any prompt provided to Siri that goes beyond the knowledge of Apple's AI, queries will automatically be forwarded to ChatGPT. Users will also be able to generate images between their messages or emails via ChatGPT to enhance their personalization within the text. Moreover, GPT -4o will be available for free for the users to get accurate responses. 

•    Image Generation

Apple Intelligence has adopted the property of image generation like other image-generating tools such as DALL-E or Midjourney. This feature can generate images across the entire device. Be it notes, emails, or messages, users can now get different images created accordingly. These images can be in any format such as animation, illustration, and sketch.

•    Genmoji

In the era of Genz, Genmoji is another useful thing that Apple AI is all set to launch. Now, you can generate custom-made emojis related to any text or provide a prompt accordingly. These can be used as stickers or emojis in texts to add personalization and a much better effect. Be it any special wish or a congratulatory text, the customization always feels special. 

•    Rewrite Feature

Along with Apple Intelligence, a new writing tool will be introduced in the update of Apple and that is Rewrite. This feature will provide the users with different options for their text. Users can choose the better version accordingly. Moreover, based on the material and formality of the text, it will also recommend a suitable tone. This feature is available for all applications along with third-party apps. 

•    Proofread

The new Apple Intelligence will have an inbuilt feature of Proofreading. This feature is Apple’s version of Grammarly. Any text that you've typed will automatically be proofread by the AI to correct any sort of grammatical errors. Apart from grammar, it also checks the sentence structure, choice of words, and further edits that need to be made. 

•    Smart Reply

Smart reply is a useful feature introduced for the Mail app. Any email that you've received, a draft for its reply will be automatically generated with the help of AI. Questions will be automatically identified and relevant options will be provided that need to be included in the reply. Moreover, the tone adjustments such as the formality of the email will all be done automatically by the new AI upgrade. 


Apple has always been ahead of its time and tried to introduce something big in its devices. This time, Apple Intelligence has taken the place. With greater updates in the history of introducing new tools, this AI feature has already been doing rounds before it was introduced. Siri is set to experience its greatest updates in the history of 13 years. From the integration of ChatGPT to image generation, the new AI update promises to be transformative and exciting for the users. 

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