What is Ghost Writing: How Does it Work?

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Many people would probably have heard of the term ghost writing in the writing industry but there could be many of them who would not know much of it. Thus the term ‘ghost writer’ means a person who writes an article or a book on behalf of someone else for which this person does not get any credit. This may seem bizarre to some minds but the practice in one form or the other has been in existence for many years now and is still in practice today.

What is Ghost Writing?

Ghost writing is a co-authorship where the writer writes for the client with the content produced being under the client’s name. The true identity of the writer is not revealed at any instance and the work done is solely attributed to the client. This is simpler to explain and it means that, the writer is almost invisible, using the pens and creating the written work for someone else.

Benefits of Ghostwriting:

1.    Saves Time and Effort:

In the world of business, the most valued asset is time and this is why any opportunity costs involved should be cut down to the barest minimum. Through hiring a ghostwriter, business people and other career individuals will not spend much time in writing as they can be hired to write for them at their spare time. Moreover, through ghosting, extra work is taken away from those individuals who may lack the ability to write proficiently and can instead focus on the things they are good at.

2.    Expertise and Versatility:

It is significant here to understand that ghostwriters are skilled professional writers with versatile experience. They are familiar with different writing approaches and can work on many subjects across diverse fields. Such flexibility enables the clients to select the expert writer that will properly market their image and provide the exceptional down and original content preferred by the audiences

3.    Confidentiality:

Looking at today’s world, and a new generation, secrecy is a very important factor, even more so for those individuals who have their own businesses. It is private in the sense that the clients do not get to know who their writers are and their work will not be published without their consent. This is especially relevant to firms that work with substantial data that would benefit from protection to retain competitive advantage.

Ghost Writing Meaning :

If you are in search of the meaning, let me inform that ghostwriting means somebody has written a particular work for another person and the real writer is not known publicly. Here is an example of a sentence where the word “ghostwriting” is used correctly: The popular writer has been allegedly using ghostwriting to write some of his most popular books. It is usually used widely in the publishing sector whereby famous personalities such as actors, politicians, singers or any other personalities that deserve recognition hire ghost writers to write their autobiography, biography or even an entire book. It also happens in business practice, and often the heads of companies or busy businessmen themselves hire someone to write speeches, articles, or blogs for them.

How Does Ghost Writing Works? 

It is worth noting that ghost writing is a process which involves a lot of cooperation between the writer and the client. It involves the client putting down his or her thoughts, opinions, and expectations of the intended piece of work in writing to the writer. This could be in the form of written notes, interviews, or even recordings if you prefer to tape your discussion. The writer then writes the information gathered and presents it in a written form, while observing the client tone, voice and style.

In the case of ghost writing, the level of interaction in the writing can also differ depending on the contract between the customer and the writer, as well as their roles. It is very possible that while some of the clients may wish to be highly involved in the writing process by directing the writer on what to write and how to write it, others may leave it to the discretion of the writer to come up with the content on his or her own.

Once the content is completed, the client has the final say and can make any necessary edits or revisions before the work is published under their name.

What is Fiction and Non-Fiction Ghost Writing?

There are two main genres of ghost writing: For a closer look let us classify it into fiction and non-fiction.

The idea of being a fiction ghost writer entails producing novels or novellas, short stories, scripts for films or television dramas, or stage plays. The ghost-writer cooperates with the client thus understanding and developing concepts into a material that will be inspiring and intriguing to people by reading or watching it.

While non-fiction ghost writing deals with writing articles or bookshelves whereby the major focus of the write up is to pass information. This can include, personal histories, autobiographies, autobiographies, self-help, or business-related material. The ghost-writer, therefore, requires to be well skilled in research as well as being capable of presenting information both in written and oral form.

Examples of Ghost Writing

A notable case of ghost writing is the availability of the original seven books in the Harry Potter series. A ghostwriter is another person who helps the author to create the works, We have already mentioned that the famous British author J. K. Rowling cooperated with Neil Murray as a ghostwriter in the final two books of the series, “The Half-Blood Prince” and “The Deathly Hallows. ”

One more example is an autobiography of the 44th President of the United States Barack Obama “A Promised Land” which was actually written by the journalist David Remnick.

Of course, many stars and other professionals hire such writers, too. It is also common to find business people and entrepreneurs employing the services of the ghost writers. For instance, Tim Ferriss, the successful businessman and blogger has been outsourcing the content of his newsletter and blog, as well as Howard Schultz, the CEO of Starbucks, who hired a ghostwriter for his book “Onward. ”

Ghostwriting as a Strategic Business Decision:

This raises the idea of ghostwriting from a secret practice to something that is actually managed and completed on purpose. Modern world brought the requirement for high quality content to the forefront as new technologies develop rapidly. Content marketing can be regarded as the essential method for the business that aims at involving the target audience and attracting the potential customers. Ghost writing is especially useful for businesses as it guarantees the provision of high-quality material and reinforces the company’s authority in industry. 

Moreover, ghostwriting provides an opportunity for individuals to leverage the expertise of professional writers and elevate their personal brand. Influencers, public figures, and even politicians often use ghostwriters to help them convey their message effectively and reach a wider audience.


Even though it may sound rather strange to some people, ghost writing does play a crucial role in the sphere of written works. It provides individuals who have something to share as ideas, stories and knowledge but they lack time or the ability to write a post on their own.

If you are looking for someone to pen your material, then ensure you look into the market well enough and get the best writer in the market who can pen your ideas while observing your tone and language.

Ramsha Irfan

Ramsha Irfan

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