How To Create A Website Step By Step Guide For Beginners?

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Although there are many ways to make a website, we found WordPress and using a website builder to be the most straightforward. If you are creating your first website, we suggest using a website builder. Nevertheless, WordPress is a well-liked option as well. So we will walk you through both constructing procedures. You can also get WordPress development services from a development company. Not knowing the development process is one of the reasons to hire a web development company. There are more than 26000 companies that serve web design services.

No matter which choice you make, if you follow our simple steps, you'll be able to create a website in as little as an hour by the end of this post. How are we aware? We have been in your position. 
Since then, we've spent hours researching how to create websites so that we can provide you with the most accurate advice possible to get your site up and running rising above the earth. Why not continue reading and try it out for yourself?

Easy Steps Guide To Create For A Website

1.    Choose a website building platform 

The platform on which your website will be developed is the first step. To make a responsive website design, you need to choose a website builder carefully. However, there are countless website builders (and methods) to choose from. And the first error that most individuals make is choosing the incorrect platform on which to develop their website. 
You'll have to start with a different platform if you pick a website builder that isn't effective or versatile enough. You should do a comparative analysis of Shopify vs WordPress and other platforms. Although it is possible, it is not advised because it would be a waste of your time and money.

2.    Choose the perfect domain name

It's time to choose a domain name for your website if you haven't already. I'll walk you through the process of registering for a domain name with Bluehost in this part. Finding an available domain name is the most difficult part of choosing one, so I'll also share two strategies with you for thinking of something original.

It's great that Bluehost offers a free domain name for the first year because you need both a web server and a domain name to create a website. When signing up, you have the option of choosing your domain or doing it later. When you're prepared, type your domain name into Bluehost.

3.    Choosing the appropriate tool to build a website

Finding the best software (foundation) to utilize as a base for your website is the first step and important to make a user-friendly web design. You will learn that there are several possibilities (such as WordPress, Wix, or Squarespace) with a range of capabilities while creating a website for the first time. 

Additionally, you can study website coding from the beginning. But how do you choose a good tool or piece of software? In the section below, I'll demonstrate the most popular option and quickly go through some important considerations when picking the finest software for your new website. 

The distribution of website builder technologies used for websites across the internet is depicted in the following statistics. You must first decide what kind of website you want to create to choose the appropriate software. Following that, you will choose the platform that will work best for building your website.

I advise using the CMS when creating a website if you intend to create a blog or include a blog area on your existing website and upload new content frequently. 40% of websites are developed on WordPress.

If you intend to build a static website, such as a portfolio, small business, product brochure site, etc., with just a few pages and information, you may add to highlight. Use a website builder if you want to create a website for your business. If you choose an Ecommerce website, keep in mind there are 2.14 billion shoppers online.

If you don’t have much knowledge about Ecommerce, you should consult an Ecommerce website development company.

4.    Planning your website setup and structure 

People who are going to put up a website for the first time frequently skip this stage, but I believe you must take the time to carefully plan out your new website. Making a website for personal use doesn't require adding more complexity. Even drawing it on paper is an option. 

Your strategy will assist you in making decisions regarding the layout of your website and the kind of assets, features, and content you must create. Simply drawing the structure on a napkin or using other methods of internet resources. Regardless of how you fill it out, this sitemap will help you better understand: 

•    What pages your website will contain;
•    The material you should prepare;
•    What more resources or capabilities do you require; and
•    Which website builder or piece of software will work best for you?

5.    Get website traffic 

You should be pleased with yourself because you just discovered how to build a stunning and expert-looking website from start. Your next step is to educate yourself on SEO and digital marketing. If you want to create a website that is popular and makes you money, you must first learn SEO before moving on to other aspects of digital marketing.

6.    Make your website code 

Now and again, website designers create sites using code from scratch for the brave and the bold. However, this is typically exclusively for the big lads (meaning your Amazons, your Googles, your Nikes). It takes HOURS AND HOURS to write all that code, even after spending the hours and hours necessary to understand all the HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP required to create a website.  
To save a ton of time, even experts in website coding prefer to at least start with a platform like WordPress. However, if you enjoy geek culture and are searching for a new activity.


Everyone has some difficulty creating their first website, and the majority experience difficulty creating their first few. When something is driving you crazy, take a deep breath, unwind for a moment, and then Google the issue. There are tutorials for pretty about anything if you stick with one of the CMSs mentioned in this post. 

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