What’s New in iOS 17.3? Release Date, Features, and Changes

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iOS 17.3 is finally released on Monday, 24th January 2024 with new features and specs. Adding a layer to the security of the iPhone and your personal information, iOS 17.3 introduces the ‘Stolen Device Protection’ feature. This protection feature will protect your phone against theft or access by an authorized person. The Stolen Device Protection features come with various attributes and particular guidelines on how to enable and use it.     

Stolen Device Protection

If your iPhone is stolen and the thief gets a chance to see your passcode either by shoulder-surfing you or spying on it in public places such as supermarkets and bars before stealing it. Consequently, they can access your saved passcode, Apple Card Number, and iCloud Key chain and transfer all the money to their bank account leaving your Apple Wallet NIL. They can also change your passcode and Apple Face ID. 

Enabling or turning on the Stolen Device Protection feature will require Face ID and Touch ID authentication before making sensitive changes such as Apple ID passwords. The feature adds a one-hour delay before making these changes and asks for Apple Face ID and Touch ID again. Until then, the user has time to change their Apple ID passwords in case their iPhone is stolen. The one-hour delay will be required only when the iPhone is in an unfamiliar location. There is no delay if the iPhone is in a familiar location such as home or workplace. 

Following are the actions that require Apple Face ID and Touch ID authentication and a one-hour delay when the Stolen Device Protection feature is turned on: 

  • Changing Apple D and password 
  • Changing Apple ID security settings which include trusted device phone number and ID, and recovery key and contact number. 
  • Changing iPhone passcode, Face, and Touch ID. 
  • Turning off the Find My application and Stolen device protection feature. 

Unity Bloom Wallpaper 

Apple has introduced a black wallpaper in lock screens with blooming and colorful flowers, to support black Americans and the African community in iOS 17.3 and iPad 17.3. Apple has also introduced the Black Unity Sport Band for Apple along with the Black Unity watch face in iOS 10.3 which will be launched soon. 

Airplay Support for Hotel Room TV 

For people who want to stream videos, music, and other content on their hotel room TVs while traveling or spending vacations. All you have to do is connect Airplay with the hotel room TV through a QR code. 

Apple Music Collaborative Playlist 

This feature of iOS 17.3 allows users to share their playlists and react with emojis. Users who are part of the playlist can alter the playlist by adding, removing or re-arranging songs. 

Final Words 

The iOS 17.3 has been in hype before its release. The features stated in this article make it unique and exclusive from its previous versions. The initiative to support the Black community and allow people to come together through music playlists makes it evident that Apple is not only tech-oriented or focuses on making people’s lives easier but also aims to resolve issues faced by the world today.  

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