How to Download and Use Script Ware on iOS?

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Script ware has gained immense popularity as it has made many processes easier and less costly as compared to other methods. From writing scripts for movies and series to recording them, the Script Ware is proven to be user-friendly and versatile with a wide range of features offered by it. This software is known to draft dialogue and storyboards for entertainment, gaming, theatres, advertisements, and the entire media industry. The curiosity around its download process and usage has been doing rounds since its launch in 1989. 

What is Script Ware?

Script Ware is a software and an application that helps to draft and format scripts and screenplays for script and screenwriters. Hence, the task becomes easier, less costly and less time-consuming for writers and creative people. Moreover, with the ease of its app available on iOS and MacBook, drafting dialogues, screenplay, location and character details has become fast and convenient. 

Features of Script Ware

As stated earlier, the Script Ware app is capable of drafting and formatting dialogues, screenplay and storyboards, however, it is not limited to only these tasks. Thus, there are several features of the app/software that contribute to its effectiveness and wide usage. Following are the features and specifications of the Script Ware app. 

  • Collaboration: Script Ware allows all the writers working on the same project to read and make changes to the script and dialogues generated by Script Ware simultaneously. 
  • Export option: all the writers can export the files of dialogues, screenplay, storyboards, and scripts to access them through other apps and platforms. 
  • Record keeping: the best part about the Script Ware app is that it keeps record of the previous versions of the dialogues and scripts, if the writer/writers alter or edit the previous version and generate new version. 

How to Download Script Ware?

There are multiple ways to download the Script Ware app through a step-by-step guide. We will share the easiest and most common ones in this blog. The first way is to download the app on your iOS through Scarlet. Here is how you can download it. 

  1. Search for Scarlet3: if you have an iOS, then open ‘Safari’ and type ‘Scarlet3’ on the search bar. 
  2. Download Script Ware: after searching for Scarlet3, click on the first link and then search for Script Ware on the search bar. Scroll down and download the Script Ware app. 
  3. Accept notifications: after the download is complete, a window will pop-up asking for configuration permission. Click on the ‘allow’ option and proceed further. 
  4. Navigate setting: After accepting, go back to the home screen and select settings. Click on the ‘Profile downloads’ option and then select the Script-ware option. 
  5. Install Script-ware: after selecting the script-ware option, click on the install option and then click on the install option at the bottom of the screen. Go back to the home screen and you will see the Script-ware app. 

How To Use Script-ware on iOS?

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use and access Script-ware on iOS, iPad, or iPhone. It will make it easier for you to understand the process. 

  1. Access the Safari web browser on your iPhone or iPad. 
  2. Search for Script Ware com/iOS
  3. Select the ‘Install Script Ware’ option on the Script-Ware page. 
  4. Open the settings, and select the ‘General’ option. Go to the ‘Profile & Device Management’ option. 
  5. Now to need to grant permission for the app to run on iOS. Open the installed profile list and check for Scrip-Ware. 
  6. Go to the ‘Script-Ware profile’ option and then select the ‘Trust’ option. 
  7. Visit the home screen and then launch the Script-Ware app. 
  8. Log in to the app by entering your account information. 
  9. Once you have signed in to the Script-Ware app, start using it by running or drafting scripts. 
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