Everything You Need To Know About Upcoming iOS 18 Features

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The most exciting thing about the start of every New Year is the futuristic Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), held by Apple. This year, the tech giant has caught everyone’s attention with its idea about the upcoming iOS 18. As it is all set to launch in June at the WWDC'24, there is much hype regarding its features and the improvements it shall bring to the Apple iPhone 16.

By going through multiple channels and resources, we have gathered the complete details about this newly developed OS. Read the below-discussed article to know everything about the iOS 18.

An Overview Of The iOS 18

Apple’s upcoming software update, the iOS 18 is going to recreate the way we have ever interacted with the latest tech. Its utilization of generative AI and a few other technologies will mark the ‘biggest' in the history of Apple. Bloomberg's chief correspondent, Mark Gurman wrote, “I’m told that the new operating system is seen within the company as one of the biggest iOS updates–if not the biggest–in the company’s history,” in one of his recent newsletters.

He further mentioned the Apple iteration to be ‘ambitious and compelling’ for iPhone users. Also, he described this update as ‘relatively groundbreaking’ with ‘new features and designs'.

While waiting for these new features, iPhone users can have an idea by paying attention to the latest features added to iOS 16 and 17. The improvements that we have been looking for in these versions shall satisfy us in the upcoming update. Due to the heightened attraction of ChatGPT, Apple is more focused on making the most of Artificial Intelligence.

Also, the tech giant is working on the launch of iPad OS 18. It brings good news for Apple’s tablet users as they will get the chance to experience the appealing features of iOS 18 on comparatively bigger screens.

When will iOS 18 be Released?

iOS 18 will be publicly released by September 2024 with the launch of the iPhone 16. However, keeping track of the previously released iOS versions, it will initially be announced as a developer beta. This will take place earlier in mid-June during the WWDC'24. Soon afterward, it will be released to the developers for the sake of beta testing.

When things go the way they are planned, a month later, the public beta version of iOS shall be released in July 2024. It is said to be a more stable and bug-free version of the iOS.

What Devices Are Compatible with iOS 18?

If considering Apple’s majorly supported five-year period, then the list of iOS 18 compatible devices seems pretty clear. The users of the iPhone 11 series and all versions launched after are surely updating to the new OS.

Nevertheless, when talking about industry competition and Apple's greatest rival, Google, things may change a bit. It is because Google has recently shared its seven-year commitment policy after its recent release of the Pixel 8 series. If Apple updates its policy to meet Google's standards, shock and excitement will take over the industry.

Also, it will provide a chance for iPhone X, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR users to update their smartphones.

What Are the Generative AI Features of iOS 18?

Apple is primarily focusing on the improvement of artificially intelligent features in its devices. As per resources, the company has been annually investing $1 billion in research related to AI. Because it has been dramatically working to create more powerful chips, plenty of its latest features shall only be implemented and limited to iPhone 16. Each of its features that may involve on-device processing shall be only implemented on iPhone 16 and no other models.

Due to its countless users, the company is still in thought whether to implement generative AI features for multiple models or for the latest device only. However, it will pay attention to the security and quality of its product before expanding its technology to other devices through the cloud.

As per reports, it is currently competing with market-leading companies that have enhanced their way with artificial intelligence. A few of its competitors include Microsoft, Open AI, Google, and Amazon. For this reason, it may be using its generative AI features to boost the overall performance of its built-in apps like keynotes, messaging, music, camera, and more.

Interestingly, the tech giant has almost created its personal AI servers with their results ready to be launched by the end of 2024. While after the launch of its previous models, certain improvements were required. For this reason, the company this year is giving all attention to bug fixing. As per our resources, apple posts all of its work and research only to dedicate a full week to bug fixing.

Will iOS 18 Offer RCS Support?

Yes, this year Apple is all ready to bring the most awaited technology for iPhone users. The company is planning to launch Rich Communication Services (RCS) for its next iPhone 16. As per a leaked resource, iOS users will now get a chance to easily connect with Android users through chat. It may not involve the modification of the messaging app and things may remain from iPhone users to iPhone users.

Nevertheless, RCS will introduce a new chat system through which iPhone users will easily send messages to Android users without any delays or errors. It will also involve the sharing and transfer of pictures, videos, and other forms of media. Also, it will include the enhancement of group chats and more user-friendly features.

Will iOS 18 Improve Siri?

According to updates and resources, apple will change the way Siri works for users now. It is all set to enhance Siri and transform it into the so-called 'Ultimate Virtual Assistant' by Apple. By adding more AI to this chatbot, the company will recreate it into a more user-friendly version. To do so, the tech giant is particularly working on Large Language Models, known as LLM to boost the performance of its world-recognized virtual assistant.

In addition in addition to all this, Mark Gurman has also said in one of his newsletters that Apple is planning to combine Siri with the iPhone messaging app. Resume writing an enhanced messaging experience for iPhone users. For instance, Siri may auto-complete their sentences and provide suitable answers to different queries.

What Else to Expect From The iOS 18?

The Apple iPhone 16 is all set to release later this year. All the expectations and discussions that are shared across different resources will be at your service. Several other features like app side loading, powerful web browsers, and third-party payment gateways shall be introduced. Let us look forward to the launch of iOS 18 and experience what it brings this year.

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