Top 10 Currency Converter Apps For iOS and Android Users

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Apps that convert currencies are a bonus for those who travel frequently. There are more than 1.4 billion people who travel every year, and this makes these currency converter apps extremely useful. Whether it's to buy charms or make a deal, the main function of overseas shopping is the need for accurate conversion of local currency. Yes, you can get current currency rankings with the Google Currency Converter


For more financial insights, you can also investigate financial market trends over time or compare multiple currencies. For this purpose, the Google Play Store and App Store both provide a variety of currency converter apps. We have made recommendations based on the various requirements of Android users and iPhone users. Well, you can get your personalized currency converter app. For this purpose, you must find out an agency that provides android app development services or iOS app development services and get yours.

Top 10 Choices of Best Currency Converter Apps for iOS and Android Users

The following are the most well-liked and highly rated currency converter apps available in the Google Play Store.

Easy Currency Converter

A fairly straightforward but well-liked application is Easy Currency Converter. It offers exchange rates in 200 countries and cryptocurrencies. This app requires a continuous internet connection. If you are not connected, the last saved rate will be displayed.


iOS Rating: 4.0

Android Rating: 4.5

Currency Converter Plus Live

Currency converter plus live is built on flutter. Creating a flutter mobile app is a good choice, as it turns out in an amazing app. Another great and simple currency system is Currency Converter Plus. Additionally, iOS and Android are supported. Millions of users who have downloaded it and frequently use it on a variety of devices trust it. They discovered that they were welcomed and at ease. This app's high quality demonstrates it.


The program offers a calculator and the most recent financial level. However, because it enables us to include many foreign currencies in a single computation, the calculator in this software has much improved. It's a really helpful tool known as multi-currency conversion.


iOS Rating: notavailable

Android Rating: 4.8

IMoney– Currency Converter

IMoney is another advanced app to view funds and their prices. Finding the last amount of money you need to change is simple. Either you desire to travel, or you possess foreign currency. You can use this app now. The currency converter app should have a nice appearance and a thorough user experience.


iOS Rating: 5.0

Android Rating: 4.0

My Currency Converter & Rates

My currency converter & rates is a cross-platform app that is developed by using cross platform app development services. This app is both for android and iOS. You can exchange money using the program, which is appropriate for both personal and professional use, in the Safari browser. For iOS devices, there is a free currency converter called My Currency Converter. 


No download charges apply. You can receive a better exchange rate on your iPhone, which is the main benefit. The app accepts payments of over $150. A key feature of the app is the exchange button to convert money.


Download App: iOS and Android

Unit Converter

An innovative app called The Unit Converter discusses several units, including money, weight, length, temperature, and time. This software provides a wide variety of functionality. Temperatures can be represented in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit as long as various nations have distinct systems, for instance.


iOS Rating: 4.5

Android Rating: 4.5

XE Currency

The XE Currency Exchange app is very popular with many Forex traders. For quick and precise information, you can rely on the XE financial system. The app shows the most recent information on global currencies and precious metals with such a pleasant and simple layout.


iOS Rating: 4.4

Android Rating: 3.7

Currency Converter-Exchange

If you regularly trade foreign currencies, then a currency converter can be of great help to you. This convenient and simple money exchange app allows for direct conversions not only between fiat currencies but also between Dogecoin, Bitcoin, and many other cryptocurrencies. This fantastic tool allows you to locate conversion rates up to three decimal places wherever you are.


iOS Rating: 4.8

Android Rating: 4.7

Forex Currency Rates

You get details of the coins and their final prices as well as current price changes. Additionally, it enables full-screen charts and has a separate page for universal currency conversion. The landing page design plays an important role here as the visitors want accurate and crisp information with ease.


Forex Currency Rates has support available in optional and deposit options, and it is easy to add, subtract, and renew your currency rates. It comes with easy navigation and is ideal for merchants and travelers. 


iOS Rating: notavailable

Android Rating: 4.3

Exchange Rates & Currency Converter

By using this application, you can view the exchange rates of all currencies around the globe. You can use this method to determine the costs of any goods or services, whether they are purchased online or in person.


The trade data server built into the app is accurately updated every 60 seconds. You can use this app to check the prices of cryptocurrencies and general currencies.


iOS Rating: notavailable

Android Rating: 4.4

All Currency Converters

All Currency Converter is another listed currency app that comes with a calculator and supports 168 currencies. Most importantly, it supports a system-deep web search for users who want to check old fluctuating trends, making it an ideal currency conversion app for Forex investors and traders. 


It has country profiles, bank-level details, a tip calculator, and supports various home screen widgets. Currently, the All Currency Converter app does not support offline mode due to the advanced web search option. It is a free and profitable app with ads and in-app purchases.


iOS Rating: 2.8

Android Rating: 4.7


We're confident that our blog will be helpful if clarity and simplicity are your things. Traveling and trading can be a very simple process with the help of the best currency converter apps for Android and iPhone. Each of the currency conversion application programs mentioned above has a different contribution. You can use these apps to view market trends, exchange rates, and the exchange rates of various currencies. They are quite tidy.

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