It is a well-established fact that the modern-day man is dominantly reliant on his hand-held devices for everyday tasks. Whether it is opening car locks, making money transactions, or buying groceries. The most logical and effective way of reaching out to potential customers is via mobile applications.



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Technology-Driven Android App Development Solutions


Our rigorous approach towards training and development has enabled our certified designers and app developers to build ultra-unique apps that are exclusive to your business needs. We extend our stellar android app development services to all industry verticals regardless of their size to empower them in connecting with their target audience.


As a leading android app development company, we have enabled small business startups, SMEs, and business giants to fully leverage the potential of new emerging technology to maximize revenues and upgrade their business services through our wide range of app development solutions.



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Android App Development Services For Business Upgrade


A few ways in which our android app development company helps you to upgrade your business through an android app are:




Feature Rich Android App Development Services

As an experienced and responsible android app development company, our valued clients are our top priority. Each app designed and developed by us is crafted with utmost care to ensure maximum revenue generation and expansion for your business.

Following are some comprehensive services that differentiate our app development from the rest:


  • 360-Degree user experience
  • Smooth and seamless in-house design and development
  • Tailor-made and scalable solutions 
  • Competitive pricing and timely delivery
  • Proven methods and practices 
  • Utilizing Enterprise Application Solutions
  • Unprecedented technical support 24/7
  • Flexible engagement models

Custom Android App Development Services We Offer At YourDigiLab

Our company has hired expert Android app developers from all over the industry. Connecting with us can help you get your hands on the top app development services today.

Android Mobile App Development

We offer the finest app development services for Android mobiles. Besides using Java as the basic programming language, our developers are also experts in C++, C#, and most probably Kotlin.  Business owners looking to launch their mobile apps can connect with us and enter the digital market today.

Android Tablet App Development

At YDL, we have hired a separate team for Android tablet app developers. Our professionals have worked on logistics apps, medical apps, and plenty of other apps for Android tablets. Also, we give special attention to all features that may differ when switching from the mobile version to the tablet version.

Android TV App Development

Working on Android TV apps is a special skill not every developer provides. Fortunately, our professionals can handle this complexity accordingly. We have developed several apps for Android TV while keeping user interface, screen resolution, design, and integration in concern.

Android Wear App Development

YourDigiLab is available for business owners looking to launch wearable apps in the market. The Android wear apps that we develop are always compatible with other devices as per the user's choice. Our developers make sure to check for the functionality and design of these apps for astonishing results.

Our Top-Class Android App Development Process

Our android app development process involves mutual collaboration and feedback sessions, with your input and opinion being most important to us. Transparency and accountability are key components of our app development services, making us the preferred choice of businesses in the market. The process employed by us enables us to design, develop and deliver high-quality and unique android apps that are customizable. Allow us to give you a brief overview of our app development process.


We start with an initial kick-off meeting to help us get a better idea about your business processes, values, and core beliefs. A thorough analysis of your target audience and potential users is conducted to help us meet your business requirements. This allows us to design your custom app accordingly. We listen intently to your ideas before we propose our solutions, lock the deal and start the app development.

Design & Wireframing

The app must have a polished design to provide an intuitive and seamless user experience. An enhanced user experience captivates the audience and allows them to fully leverage all the features of the app. This invariably determines your success. We develop the wireframes for the android app development, keeping in mind the device-specific design. As a professional android app development company, sharing the design with you for approval is crucial to us.

App Development and Testing

Our certified android app development team defines and determines the technical architecture, technology stack, and developmental milestones for an efficient and uninterrupted android app development process. Once developed, the app is tested for user engagement, functionality, security, performance, and platform compatibility. This extensive testing ensures a bug-free, high-quality app that is ready to be launched.

Successful deployment

Your app is ready to be submitted to Google Play, where it becomes available for active downloading within a few hours. Unlike other android app development companies, we do not leave you on your own at this critical stage. Instead, we provide ongoing technical support 24hours a day, so you don’t feel left out and deserted. The app development is an ongoing process that does not stop with the initial app launch. Additional functionality is built once user reviews start pouring in.

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