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The market is flooded with Apple products, increasing the overall number of iOS game gamers. And thus, the love for games is also increasing with time. iOS Store is now introducing more apps and gaming apps for its users. Connect with a professional iOS game development service provider to make a High-quality & bespoken game app.


It's no secret that iOS games are growing in popularity as more and more Apple devices dominate the global market. YourDigiLab is a leading company for creating such outclass games with the right blend of iOS game development tools. Our studio's qualified professionals will work to minimize risks and make your game development process as smooth as possible.

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Enjoy Feature-Rich Games With the iOS Game Development Company


We are a recognized iOS game development company in the USA with years of experience and expertise. For iOS devices like iPhones and iPad, our iOS game developers create complex games with lots of features. Each game explores elements such as captivating plots, stunning graphics, and incredible soundtracks. Our talented developers carefully oversee every element of the game, from choosing the right textures and colors to character designs and compelling stories.


Our skilled game developers can design and develop the best character for gaming apps. The game developers at YDL take care of each aspect individually while developing the game to ensure the best quality. Our professionals thoroughly test the game at every stage to guarantee excellent results. With an attractive user interface and essential functionality, we turn our clients' ideas into stunning iOS games at fair and affordable prices.


Our Exclusive Services for iOS Game Development Services

iOS Game Development Service

One of the most popular smartphones is the iPhone, which makes it an essential gaming platform. Our skilled iOS game designers and developers have experience creating games that are optimized for iPhone. We have years of experience in iOS programming, a thorough understanding of the platform, and extensive knowledge of game technologies.

Asset Design Service

Designing art assets that work on various iOS devices is our specialization. It is difficult to tell a client's brand-specific story without using any digital assets or media. With a thorough understanding of scale factors and considering all device screen sizes, our skilled design team creates optimized game sprites, sound effects, game backgrounds, and multi-touch screen controls.

Art & Concept of iOS Game

The process of game development starts with art and gaming concepts that our client has. Our skilled developers will understand your idea well enough to bring it to life. Our artists help visualize a client's game idea in a specially designed iPhone or iPad screen using detailed hand-drawn sketches or images to help select the appropriate game style.

iPad Game Development Services

The iPad is the best choice for mobile gaming devices thanks to its 9.7- and 12.9-inch Retina displays, excellent and powerful CPU and graphics performance, advanced multi-touch capabilities, and built-in high-fidelity speakers. YDL specializes in creating iOS gaming applications that are amazingly adapted to iPad as well as mobile with the same game intensity.

iOS Single & Multiplayer Game Development Services

We have a reputation for being an iOS game development company that provides users with a thrilling and exciting real-time gaming experience. Our talented iOS game developers are capable of creating single-player and multiplayer games based on customer requirements. We help clients create 2D/3D games in various genres and render 2D/3D scenes.

iOS Game Development In-App Purchase

Our developers have mastered several techniques to offer in-app purchases through iTunes, ranging from paid app downloads, power-ups, in-game currency purchases, and ad removal options, to content additions. Includes purchases and in-game and other in-game unlockable items.

Our iOS Game Development Tools and Platforms


Unity has unique 2D and 3D development features. It is a cross-platform game engine that works on a variety of desktop, mobile, and other devices. Unity is a popular game engine and a great choice for creating your first game.

Unreal engine

Unreal Engine is another popular gaming engine platform. The Unreal Engine is mostly used to create 3D games, although it is also used in other fields. Unreal Engine supports iPhone iPad, and mac book and is quite handy for developers.

Solar 2D

Solar2D enables game developers to create 2D mobile apps. It is a Lua-based game engine that focuses on repeatability and simplicity of use. Solar2D offers an active user community as well as a marketplace where 2D features and plugins can be purchased.


SpriteKit is one of the best iOS game development tools. Apple built the gaming engine in-house. Game developers can use the SpriteKit framework to create images, text, objects, and videos in 2D. It is considered a user-friendly framework for developing games and graphically intensive apps.

Why Hire iOS Game Developers from YourDigiLab?

Customized Video Games

To create an iOS game that fits each client's corporate culture and brand identity, we adapt the workflow of any project to their unique needs and expectations. After we collaborate, you're free to develop feature-rich iOS ludo, casino, arcade, strategy, and other games while maximizing our team's capabilities.


Ultimate Confidentiality

Our game developers are available 24/7 to our clients. We oath to solve all the client's problems and inquiries with round-the-clock service. They will give you proper advice and help you find the best option. With our experienced approach, we guarantee your complete satisfaction.


On-time Delivery

We constantly pay attention to each client's needs, so we value their time and work efficiently to complete work on schedule without sacrificing quality. Therefore, we allocate time in a way that allows us to build and test the product thoroughly, delivering only market-ready and polished iOS games within predetermined time constraints.

The Way We Plan Our iOS Game Development Process

1. Requirements Analysis 

Our team lays the groundwork, discusses your concept art, gameplay mechanics, and other ideas, and consults with you on the best options for your iOS game. Then we define project milestones and provide our market observations.

2. Market Analysis

We carry out a market research and discovery phase (if necessary) after our initial interview and your consent to ensure that the development process is based on facts. Next, we choose an appropriate project execution vector.

3. Concept of Gaming

A Game Design Document (GDD) is created during this phase by our developers and game designers, and concept art is created by artists to serve as a further reference for 2D/3D assets.

4. Videogame creation

The programmers and designers at our iOS game creation company create scripts, create game objects, set up environments, and create animations. YDL uploads all assets to the engine when everything is deemed necessary.

5. QA and Testing

When your iOS game is complete and playable, it's important to hire quality assurance professionals to eliminate any bugs, glitches, or other issues your gamers may encounter. We run various tests to ensure it is ready to submit.

6. Final Game Submission

After you build and test your product, review it and share your thoughts with our team. Depending on our initial arrangements, we can either finish the iOS game for you in advance or help you do so.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of designing an iOS game varies depending on the complexity of the game, graphics, number of levels, features, etc. However, you should budget at least $5,000 to $10,000 for iOS game development work.

The services of iOS game developers can be obtained in different ways. They are listed on online job boards like outsourcing companies, marketplaces for employers, freelancing platforms, etc. On these platforms, you can also post your project details and get suggestions from interested developers.

You can also contact ios game development companies and ask for a quote.

Following are some of the benefits of developing iOS games:

  • Given that there are over 1 billion iOS devices in use, there is a huge market for iOS games.
  • Because it has a global audience, the App Store is a great place to introduce your game.
  • Apple offers game creators a variety of content and tools to help them create games.
  • Games on iOS generally offer higher visuals and performance than games on Android.

The amount of time required to create an iOS game will vary depending on the game's complexity, graphics, number of levels, features, etc. For games with high visuals and high functionality, the development period can take a year or more.

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