Change Your Future with Our Android Game Development Company
Change Your Future with Our Android Game Development Company

A Trailblazing Android Game Development Company

YourDigiLab has been operating as an online development services provider for the past few decades. Our expert team of skilled app developers helps businesses in different corners of the USA. With an impressive chain of large-size projects, YDL has strengthened its brand identity in the market.


We have tremendous experience in developing diverse 2D and 3D Android games. You can get your hands on modern and advanced Android game development services easily on a budget. Hire our company today!

Future Promising Platforms We Use For Android Game Development


Unity is a promising cross-platform game development tool for Android. It is owned by unity technology and is a great option for the creation of 2D and 3D games. Many developers use it to import different assets for 3D Android applications.


AppGameKit can provide some of the best solutions for Android development. This development tool is beginner friendly and makes a great approach for experts too. Also, it is a cross-platform tool that requires coding similar to C++.

Amazon Lumberyard

This all-inclusive Android development tool is owned by the Amazon family. It is a unique AAA gaming engine that consists of promising features like VR preview mode and twitch integration. Also, it holds an AWS cloud system that promotes security and reliability.

Cocos 20-X

Cocos 20-X is another game development platform that works for 2D games. It is an ideal choice to develop android games with a very smaller size and offers reliable documentation. The popular games produced using this platform are Angry Birds and Clash of Clans.

Construct 2

Developers looking to create 2D Android games often prefer to construct 2. It is an HTML5 game development platform that requires less coding. We use it to develop games in a short time and later transfer them to different platforms.

Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine is a beginner-friendly Android development platform. It does not require much programming, and it's handy to use for most developers. Our initial-level developers use this tool to learn attractive 3D graphics.

What are The Benefits of Choosing Android Game?

Android serves as an extensively used platform all over cyberspace. Most app developers prefer it as it is well-designed, beginner friendly, and highly recognized.

Low Investment

This type of game development does not require a huge investment for a startup. However, its results remain profitable and business-friendly.


Easy Development

Game development for Android phones is based on Java, which is a popular programming language among developers. Hence, professionals can easily earn expertise in it and create advanced-level games.


Interactive Features And UI

The android platform consists of a variety of tools through which developers can add high-quality animations easily. It results in the creation of appealing Android games with an interactive user interface.


Quick Development

A variety of development tools helps to boost the overall process of developing Android games. It also ensures a promising turnaround time and delivers excellent results.


Enjoy Feature-Rich Android Games for Endless Entertainment

YourDigiLab believes that successful Android games are a result of unbeatable expertise, promising experience, and extensive hard work. We have been producing highly engaging games for different generations. Other skilled app developers can quickly create games that center around your target audiences. Each of our games generates high-quality graphics, a trendy user interface, and diverse technical capabilities.


We always use the latest technologies in the market to come up with advanced-level Android games. Among the popular platforms that we have used, HTML5, Unity, PhoneGap, C++, and Starling are the top ones. If you are looking for full-cycle app development with a future-centric architecture and successive assets creation, visit YDL today.

Why Choose YourDigiLab For Android Game Development Services?

Low Employee Turnover

YourDigiLab promises a low employee turnover by offering clients a single team of Android game developers throughout their project duration. It is also a beneficial approach because you get a chance to strengthen your relationship with our development experts for any future endeavors. Our cost is lesser than other companies in the market.


Full-Cycle Web Development

Every Android game developer in our company is skilled and talented enough to create a game from scratch. By hiring a few developers from YDL, you can benefit from a budget-friendly development process with an excellent turnover. We promise to implement the finest mechanics in your project for higher customer engagement.


Reliable Development Team

We promise to provide you with a dedicated development team for your project. Our employees facilitate clients with all the resources as per their demands. YDL is known for its responsiveness and consistency all over the market. Our assistance team remains available 24/7 to help you regarding every query.


The Way We Plan Our Game Development Process

Requirement Analysis

We initiate our mobile game development process by going through a detailed analysis of our client's requirements. Our development team prepares a list of all the features that are to be incorporated into the game. Alternatively, our designing team prepares the game script according to the software requirements provided by the client.

Game Design

The second step of our process, known as the game design, revolves around the game's UI development and mechanic development. Our team documents the details for architectural, database, and class designs. We then share these details with our client's team members and proceed further according to their feedback.

Concept Art

This step goes in parallel with the second one as our designing team creates 2D sketches of the game characters and other game elements. These sketches are also documented to help the client easily come across any changes in the designs. After receiving feedback from the client for the entire documentation, our developers move forward to the next step.

Game Development

YourDigiLab gives special attention to this step as it involves the implementation of the game through game engines. We help our client to understand the look and feel of the game by sharing its active builds. Also, our development team goes through the bug fixes, coding, reviews, and testing in this step to finalize things.

Quality Testing

Our Android development company tolerates no compromise on the quality of the game. Our QA team carefully tests every game and makes sure to optimize it for multiple devices and screen sizes. We prepare different testing plans to check the compatibility, performance, smoothness, user experience, and features of the game before its official launch.

Market Launch

Once our client and quality assurance team are satisfied with the results, we move forward to the market launch. YDL officially releases the game and uploads it to the Play Store. Also, we provide additional maintenance and support services post-launch. It helps our clients to stay afloat in the competitive gaming industry.

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The cost of developing a mobile game can range from $3000 to $150000 depending on the type of game, any special features you want to add, etc. A simple minigame will always cost less than one that is more complex.

It typically takes 7 to 12 months for an app to evolve from the discovery phase through design, development, and pre-launch. We learned the steps involved in building an app, and we discovered that having a good team doesn't always result in faster turnaround times.

The addition of in-game ads, subscriptions, freemium models, and in-app purchases are some of the top trends in mobile game monetization that developers should consider.

Following are the popular genres that you can work with your mobile game:
•    Action game
•    Puzzle games
•    Simulation games
•    Arcade games
•    Casino game
•    Matching game

Game engines are important tools that help game development companies quickly create worlds and populate them with objects, people, locations, challenges, and gaming mechanisms. Following are some of the top mobile game development engines in 2023:
•    Unity
•    Unreal engine
•    Game Maker
•    Godot

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