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WordPress has been successfully empowering more than 43% of websites all over the digital market. Understanding its importance is crucial for the growth of an online business. The platform contains a variety of tools and plugins required to create SEO-friendly web content.  It still requires professional-grade optimization to appear in search results.

Due to this, we have hired skilled and talented WordPress SEO experts at our company. YourDigiLab has been providing an extensive choice of SEO services to all its clients for a long time. You can feel free to hire us and boost your website’s online presence. Start connecting with potential audiences and expand your venture across the industry.

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Our Exclusive Chain of WordPress SEO Services for Online Businesses

Keyword Research

At YDL, we are WordPress SEO experts prioritizing keyword research for every client’s project. Our team tries to provide the best quality meta titles and meta descriptions for your WordPress website. Our team uses high-quality keyword research tools to find niche-related keywords and phrases. These help businesses to easily reach the top of SERP results.

Backlink Building

It is impossible to rank our website without building high-quality backlinks. Our professionals give special attention to the addition of authentic and supportive backlinks from high-authority resources. These help search engines find your website quickly. Also, Backlinks are the easiest way would you direct other websites’ traffic towards your platform.

Citation Building

Situation building is almost similar to link building. However, it is particularly performed to help popular search engines find your local business quickly. These are responsible for sharing the details of your business with different listing directories. Because we perform local SEO on WordPress websites, citations are important for us. We work on these to share relevant details about your business.

WordPress Maintenance

Website maintenance is important for the growth and success of an online business. To keep your WordPress website running, we keep checking it for bugs, errors, and fixes. We make sure to keep your WordPress software up to date as it directly impacts website speed, performance, and security. Business owners can keep away from malware attacks by keeping their websites updated.

WordPress Development

Our SEO Company works with a special team of WordPress builders and helps professionals step into the digital market. Anyone looking for full-stack developers you can hire us to work on the front end and back end of their website. Also, we can update and revamp your website from scratch. YDL can easily develop customize WordPress websites for particular clients.


Alt Tag And Image Optimization

Adding high-quality images is crucial for the growth of the WordPress website. Besides adding value to your online platform, it helps Google to index your website quickly. To optimize these images appropriately, we add alt tags as these are keyword-rich titles that may help search engines to find your website.


Duplicate Content Correction

Make sure not to add the same content on two different web pages. Website owners may result to a penalty if two different URLs are found sharing similar content. Hence, we always make sure to add unique content for every keyword to help Google easily optimize our client’s business website.


Ideal Web Hosting Partner

The entire performance offer website depends on its hosting partner. Unfortunately, if the website goes down, you won't be able to perform any steps of the optimization process.  As a result, Google won’t be able to find you or index your platform. For this reason, we always invest in the best web hosting partner.


Keyword Stuffing Prevention

Keywords are necessary to rank a website on the higher pages of Google. However, adding unnecessary and irrelevant keywords can adversely impact ranking. At YDL, we only add appropriate keywords in the right percentage for the optimization of a website. Our team looks for keywords with low competition and high searches.

The Way We Plan Our WordPress SEO Strategy

Check For Search Engine Visibility

To optimize WordPress websites, it is necessary to check for search engine visibility. The CMS comes with an option to disable the search engine visibility of a website. It is considered a helpful option while creating or testing a site. However, to start SEO, we initialize our strategy by making sure the website is available for search engines.

Optimize Permalinks For User Friendliness

WordPress websites have a default and confusing URL structure. For this reason, our second step revolves around optimizing these permalinks appropriately. To create SEO-friendly URLs, we add appropriate keywords that help to define our web page to search engines. The CMS has an inbuilt setting that helps to optimize the permalinks at once.

Install Appropriate SEO Plugins

Most website owners are fond of WordPress due to its inbuilt ability to install plugins. To make the most of this feature, we try to install the best SEO plugins for our client’s projects. Our professionals try to find the best plugins that may allow us to add meta descriptions, schema markups, and most probably a sitemap to a business website.

Pick An SEO Friendly WordPress Theme

For this step, we always make sure to download high-quality themes from authoritative resources. It helps to prevent scams and boosts the overall SEO strategy.Our professionals prefer teams with appropriate formatting, breadcrumb navigation, and clean semantics. Most importantly, we avoid teams with built-in SEO features as it may hinder our clients from updating the theme.

Focus On Social Bookmarking

Plenty of WordPress themes offer social media integration by default. However, in case our client prefers a theme without this feature, we move towards social bookmarking. To promote a website extensively and connect with potential audiences, it is necessary to create social media profiles for a business website. Hence, we always install the best social media plugins.

Add SEO Optimized Content

Undoubtedly, content is a mandatory factor that can boost an SEO strategy. Hence, we always try to add SEO-optimized content all over the website. Our team members use the best tools to find appropriate keywords and phrases as it helps to boost online visibility for search engines. Also, we use these keywords in the headings and meta content for better results.

Why YourDigiLab?

Customer Experience

Connecting with our WordPress SEO Company can bring you an astonishing customer experience.We try our best to solve every customer query as quickly as possible. You can feel free to contact our customer service representatives and look out for help. WordPress website owners are always welcome at our platform for different digital marketing services.

Relationship With Our Clients

At YDL,we value all of our clients and consider them as our business partners.We majorly focus on multiple strategies that may help our clients to meet their goals. Our professionals collaborate with WordPress business owners to increase their online presence in the digital market.Since the beginning, our company is highly recognized for satisfying every client to the fullest.

Dedicated Team

To provide high-quality WordPress SEO, we have hired an experienced team of SEO professionals from all over the industry. All of our employees are talented and skilled as they come up with result-driving strategies for different projects. YourDigiLab has separate teams for marketing, development, and maintenance of WordPress websites. We do not compromise on the quality at all.

Promising Outcomes Of Our WordPress SEO Service


Everything You Need To Know About How We Offer The Services

Yes, the WordPress CMS comes with free built-in SEO tools. However, using WordPress alone does not rank your website on the search engine. You must hire an expert WordPress SEO consultant service.

Optimizing your WordPress website for the search engine is almost similar to the optimization of a regular website. However, one must focus on the technical aspects of the website because the CMS comes with built-in SEO plugins and themes.

There are plenty of plugins available on the WordPress platform. The best ones among these are listed below,

  • Yoast SEO
  • SEOquake
  • Rank Math
  • Premium SEO Pack
  • All-in-One SEO Pack
  • Broken Link Checker
  • SEO Press

WordPress on-page SEOinvolves a set of SEO strategies used to optimize the web pages and posts of a website.It helps to rank covered press business platforms on search engines and brings in potential traffic quickly.

The CMS comes with a variety of SEO-friendly themes and plugins. This help to boost the overall performance of SEO and other digital marketing strategies. Moreover, it offers an ideal web page design that is perfect for the SEO of a website.

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