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YourDigiLab as the Best B2B SEO Solutions Provider in the USA


As the best B2B SEO agency, YourDigiLab knows the best of both worlds. We are familiar with the business-to-business market throughout the country and have been working on SEO services for a long time. Our experts can easily connect B2B business owners with relatable clients. Such as wholesalers and retailers or manufacturers and resellers.


Finding authentic wholesale suppliers or looking for reliable brokers and retailers can be tedious. It is why people targeting the B2B market prefer connecting to an SEO agency during the initial stages. It can help businesses to grow their conversions without applying much effort. As a B2B platform owner, hire us to get the best SEO services all over the market.

Different B2B SEO Solutions That We Provide To Our Clients

Competitor Analysis

We at YDL give attention to competitor research for the creation of a perfect business-to-business SEO strategy. It is the best way for a business owner to understand how other competitors are growing their ventures in the market. From looking forward to competitor keywords and popular ads to analyzing their content and other promotional strategies, we can do everything for our clients.

Keyword Research

When applying SEO on a B2B website, keyword research is mandatory. It is one of our utmost services as you get to reach potential customers in the easiest of ways. We browse the entire market for trendy and popular keywords that promise conversions. We have highly qualified specialists to create professional-grade keyword strategies.

Mobile View Optimization

Mobile-friendliness is one of the major requirements in today’s market. When focusing, particularly on B2B customers, your website must be compatible with every device as it makes you appear professional. Often B2B buyers are in a hurry to purchase items and look for mobile-friendly platforms to save time. Hence, it can be a positive point for your growth.

Content Creation

Do not compromise on content creation if you want to rank your B2B website on search engines. Look out for the best collection of keywords with higher search volume at a low competition to post content on your website. You can add it in the form of blogs, articles, case studies, research guides, long-form pages, and visual content.

Internal Linking

Internal linking is the most prominent way to help search engine crawlers find your website for indexing. Hence, we have a particular team of link builders to apply potential internal linking strategies throughout every client's website. It can also boost page views and keep visitors interacting on your website for a longer time.

Google Analytics Integration

Google Analytics integration is the simplest way to keep track of your website on the search engine. It helps our clients to understand how our strategies are performing on their B2B websites. We deliver regular reports regarding the website's performance and growth to keep our clients informed regarding their platforms.

Our B2B SEO Best Practices To Help Online Business Owners

Prominent CTA Button

A call to action button is a necessary element on a B2B website. It helps your visitors in their buying journey and most probably converts leads into sales. You may add a CTA and attract audiences to sign up, subscribe, or leave their contact details on your website. The best place to add these buttons is at the site or after the end of every web page.

Weekly Content Update

To boost B2B SEO company, our team tries to produce attractive and interesting content weekly. It is one of the best ways to boost SERP results. Updating Google crawlers constantly about your website lets users find you as an informational and valuable platform. You must try to include statistics, comparisons, appropriate keywords, and trendy topics that quickly enhance your conversions.

Transactional Keywords

As B2B SEO experts, we tend to add keywords in our strategy with a transactional intent. It means the use of keyword phrases that would include the name of a product or equipment along with terms like buy, near me, discount, shipping, etc. Search keywords together show your audience's intention to make a purchase. Doing so is a professional way to target particular B2B buyers on your website.

Website User Interface

Every B2B website depends entirely on the user interface. It is the best way to boost your sales and conversions while making sure to attract more customers and generate leads. We try our best to take care of the client's website and provide every end user with an outstanding experience. A high-quality user interface always satisfies our entire clientele and leads to a better search engine ranking.

Why Choose Us?

Regular B2B Reporting

YourDigiLab makes sure to update every client with regular B2B reports. You can always make sure about our services and look around for whatever strategies we apply to your platform. Our prime goal is to help every B2B business owner understand the impact of SEO. Feel free to invest in our B2B SEO company and establish an identity in the market.

Promising B2B Strategies

We do not apply conventional SEO methods on every B2B website. Rather we work on customized strategies for every particular project and try to bring the best out of it. Our experts analyze the products and services of our clients to attract potential B2B buyers accordingly. We promise to help you meet your goals and boost sales in a short span.

Expert B2B Solutions

YDL helps every client to make the most of their websites. You can trust our data-driven SEO solutions and boost the performance of your company. We try to provide wholesalers, retailers, manufacturers, and producers with solutions that serve their target markets. Connect with us to generate leads quicker than ever.

The Way We Plan Our B2B SEO Strategy

Developing Buyer Personas

What makes us a successful B2B SEO agency? We start with the creation of different buyer personas. It is a necessary step to understand the different buyers our clients may have. Unlike B2C, the target audiences, in this case, vary in terms of choices, purchasing habits, difficulties, and more. The more we know about our buyers, the easier it is to establish a strategy.

Familiarizing With The Sales Funnel

To proceed with our buyer personas, we work on every project's sales funnel. For this reason, we have dedicated a separate sales team to work on these chores. We analyze how different buyers are searching for our client's business. Our professionals help us to keep away from steps that may impact our strategy negatively.

Creating A Keyword Strategy

In this step, we start looking for keywords according to the different buyer personas created. Once we come across popular keywords and phrases that our B2B buyers will use, things become easier. We gather these keywords to develop a particular strategy that may help us in future steps. It is necessary for successful website optimization.

Developing Sales Landing Pages

For a B2B website, it is necessary to create product or service landing pages as they help to generate sales. These can be in the form of topic cluster pillar pages and guide visitors on how to make a purchase. Such pages offer the best location to add appropriate content and add value to a client’s website. Also, creating opportunities for link building.

Generating A Content Strategy

Remember that content is the most important and required part of the entire SEO process. It serves as the basic structure through which we can optimize our client's entire B2B website. From adding topic clusters to inserting particular keywords, every step is fulfilled by creating content. We add content in the form of podcasts, blogs, newsletters, videos, and reports, earning more.


Promising Outcomes of Our B2B as SEO Service



Everything You Need To Know About How We Offer The Services

A B2B SEO company helps business-to-business platforms drive sustainable growth through appropriate marketing strategies. Our agency uses multiple methods like content optimization, user interface integration, mobile-friendly optimization, and other similar methods to help B2B websites rank higher on popular search engines.

For a B2B website owner, search engine optimization can offer great opportunities. Besides promoting lead generation, it can help to boost sales of a website and attract potential B2B buyers. SEO experts can make our website's content interesting and readable, hence resulting in more conversions.

B2B SaaS stands for business-to-business Software-as-a-Service. B2B SaaS business owners sell different software in the form of service to other businesses.

It refers to the optimization of a B2B SaaS website. It helps to increase the search engine ranking of such a website and grab potential B2B customers towards it. Performing SEO on such a website generates higher leads and results in more conversions.

In a B2C SEO strategy, professionals can quickly target a large variety of customers at once. However, for a B2B SEO process, the customers are more professional and limited. Professionals are supposed to target a particular category of B2B buyers in this case.

Applying search engine optimization to both business models can be a time taking process. In-depth application on either business model can lead to a higher search engine ranking.

SEO costs vary depending on the client's needs and goals, regardless of the size of their business. On average, an SEO campaign costs $700 to $2500. But then it depends on whether you hire our experts on an hourly or full-time basis.

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