Protect Your Website with the Best Security Plugins

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Recently, we compared Shopify vs WordPress in one of our blogs. The article revolved around the basic features of both platforms. We compared each CMS in terms of website development, content management, and security.

Nowadays, the privacy of the owner and the security of the website are sensitive matters. Hence, eCommerce business owners look for the best security plugins to secure their ventures.
If you’re looking to protect your website from cybercrimes, malware, and relatable errors, keep reading. We have shared a list of the most recommended security plugins to help you.

The Best WordPress Security Plugins

Developers opt for WordPress plugins as they are compatible with non-WordPress websites too. Hence, you can always hire WordPress website development services to work like a pro.
Below is a list of security plugins every WordPress developer needs.


The first plugin on our list is the Sucuri WordPress plugin. It is the best on the market. You can download its free version from the internet to strengthen your website’s security at a minimal level.
Nevertheless, experts recommend downloading its paid version for high-level protection. By subscribing to this plugin, you get access to its firewall protection. As a result, you can keep from malicious attacks and brute force. Also, it is an easier way to block bad traffic from entering your website.

Besides, the Sucuri firewall offers a higher DNS level and boosts website performance. The best feature of this plugin is its ability to clean malware at any level from your online platform.

Next on our list is the Wordfence WordPress security plugin. Its basic and unpaid version makes a great pick for websites. You can have access to threat assessment, malware protection, and exploit detection.

Also, it offers automatic scanning of the website for common threats. For more, you can launch its complete scan and detect minor security breaches at once. The plugin also offers a set of instructions to fix such errors after every scan.

What’s more to Wordfence is built-in firewall protection. Also, It provides the ability to customize email alerts. You can add further value to this plugin by installing the paid version. It offers you the chance to control the entire setting from a central dashboard.

iThemes Security

Regular WordPress users are well known for the helpful BackupBuddy plugin. The same owners have developed this security plugin known as ‘iThemes Security.’ Thus, you can make sure of coming across a user-friendly interface and high-class protection.

Users can enjoy two-factor authentication and scheduled WordPress backups through this plugin. Also, it consists of powerful password enforcement and flawless 404 detections. Besides limiting login attempts, it can also alert users by sending notification emails for updates.

The only negative point of this plugin is its lack of malware protection and firewall. However, it accommodates the feature by using the Sucuri malware scanner.

WPScan Security

The WPScan plugin stands out on our list because it is based on WordPress’s personal vulnerability database. As a result, it is updated and controlled solely by dedicated WP specialists. By using this tool, you can scan your website for more than 20,000 vulnerabilities and errors. 

It provides automatic scans every day to kill basic threats. Also, it notifies the result of every scan through email. You can easily download its free API for almost websites on the Internet. However, its paid plans offer much more.

Finally, the plugin comes with a user-friendly database to help first-time users.

Anti-Malware Security

As the name implies, this security plugin can help you get rid of malware attacks. It is used by most WordPress developers to secure websites from common threats. You can launch its malware scanner and verify every file and folder in your system.

The plugin will successfully scan every type of major and minor malware attack. However, you must create a free account on this plugin's official website. It serves as a simple step to the premium version of this plugin.

By signing up for the anti-malware security plugin, you can access the premium feature of brute force prevention. Furthermore, it can grant you access to the updated features.

Final Thoughts

At this point, we have informed you about the five best WordPress security plugins. You can check each of these and secure your website. Those looking for Shopify plugins will love to know that WordPress offers a particular plugin for Shopify users too. Thus, you can feel free to work with a Shopify development company as per your need.

Make sure not to use more than one plug-in at a time. It may cause errors and override features of the tools. Stay updated and free of risks in the online world.
Let us know about more WordPress plugins in your list. Also, share your reviews about each of these in the comments below.

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