Complete Guide: How To Create And Share Digital Business Card?

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We belong to a digital era of business and networking. Every step involved in entrepreneurship nowadays has its digital ways of growth and marketing. While things have shifted from paper to cloud, the concept of digital business cards is no adventure.
Hence, we believe helping business geeks can be productive for the market. To guide beginners, we have shared a complete guide to set up and share digital cards with the audience.
But before we start, let us look forward to two basic questions revolving around what and why.

What Is A Digital Business Card?

A virtual business card is an online way to share and store contact your contact details. Unlike paper cards, it is independent of storage limits and size restrictions. You can share it anywhere and anytime with anyone in your circle. Now, let us look forward to the second question.

Why Do You Need A Digital Business Card?

Because electronic business cards are free of restrictions, you can add more information than ever. Besides the contact number, name, and address, digital cards can hold brand details. The best part about this card type is its compatibility with online links. You can easily add URLs for your website and social media accounts.

Moving on, we have also discussed below the details to create and share an online business card. To do so, we have mentioned the names of top apps that you can use for making and sharing digital cards.

The Best Apps to Create and Share Digital Business Cards

The most convenient way to create or share the best digital business card is to hire corporate branding services. Nevertheless, if you wish to design one yourself, keep reading.


HiHello is a free and user-friendly app for creating and sharing digital cards. You can find a variety of designs and templates on this app to work seamlessly. It allows you to quickly manage all contacts and convert paper cards into electronic ones with no fuss.

How to Create?

To create a digital business card at HiHello, you must sign up for the app. However, it is not mandatory to download the app. You can create your card online. Besides contact details, the app allows you to add photos, videos, social media network links, PDFs, and a short biography.

How to Share?

HiHello lets you share an electronic business card with anyone. Also, there is no restriction on downloading the app for receiving this card. There are three easy ways through which you can share your card.

  •    Share the QR card for your card.
  •    Share the link for your card.
  •    Text or email your digital card.


SwitchIt is a virtual business card creating app with international messaging and file sharing features. It includes a variety of tools to manage contacts and communicate with corporate clients. Besides editing contact details on this app, you can also check historical details.

How to Create?

To create a digital business card at SwitchIt, you must download the latest version of this app on your android or iPhone. Next, you need to create a free account using your Facebook ID or email. By quickly sharing your profile details, you can create your first card. After adding your contact detail and social network links, add a video or picture to the card and save it.

How to Share?

Sharing a SwitchIt business card is fun and user-friendly. It offers different options to easily share your card. These are as follows,

  •     Text message your digital card.
  •     Email your digital card.
  •     Share the QR code for your digital card.
  •     Share your digital card through Facebook or Messenger.
  •     Choose Twitter or LinkedIn to share your card.
  •     WhatsApp your digital business card.

What’s more?

These are the two most recommended apps to create and share digital business cards. You can use these to make an impression in the digital market. Before you start, we have shared the benefits of digital cards to help you.


  •     Online business cards are cost-effective as most of their plans are free unless you need a premium feature.
  •     Electronic cards can be easily shared through different methods.
  •     Virtual business cards hold your accurate profile links and website URL.
  •     You can easily update digital cards whenever you like.
  •     An e-business card can stand you out among competitors.

Are You Ready To Create And Share Your Digital Business Card?

If you are planning to grow your business, take this step now. Creating and sharing digital business cards can be overwhelming and beneficial. Give attention to these and wait for the results!

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