What Does Error 1005 Access Denied Means And How To Fix It?

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Many people today come a across a common problem when they are browsing the internet or want to access data of a website. This problem is particularly known as error 1005 access denied. It appears on websites when anyone wants to access information on a particular website but upon viewing, a pop-up message appears stating ‘error 1005 access denied.’ A lot of people fail to understand what is this error or pop-up message and what does it mean. Most importantly, if the website you want to view and collect data from, is crucial for your office work, assignment or any other purpose, then the error 1005 is not just an error, rather it is more like trouble. 

In this article, we will discuss what does error 1005 access denied means and how you can bypass this error and access the website that fulfills your needs. 

What is Basically Error 1005 Access Denied? 

If you see a pop-up message on a website or server that states error 1005 access denied, it simply means that the website administrator or server host has blocked your IP address or the IP address of a certain range. Therefore, when you send a request to connect to the server or access the information on a particular website, it shows error 1005 access denied on your desktop, laptop and cell phone screens.

There a several reasons why this error occurs when you are trying to access a certain website or server. We will now explore the reasons behind the occurrence of this error. 

What Are The Reasons Behind The Appearance Of Error 1005 Access Denied On Certain Websites & Servers? 

There are mainly 5 reasons behind the occurrence of this error. Following is the overview of each one of the causes behind this error. 

Website Administrator or Server Host Has Allowed Access to a Restricted Geographical Area

There are certain websites and servers which you can only access in a certain region, because their administrator has restricted them that particular area only. If you are living in a country, city or town and you are unable to access a particular website, it means that the website host has not permitted its access in the region you are residing. This is mainly due to government restrictions, laws and licensing agreement for a particular region. 

Time and Date in Your System is Not Correct 

Although it seems that incorrect date and time in your system is not a big issue.Well that’s not true. You can see error 1005 access denied while trying to access a website or server, if the date and time in your desktop or laptop is incorrect. 

IP Address is Blocked by Admin of Website or Server

If the server or website admin blocks the IP address of a particular person or range, then error 1005 will appear. Admins take this measure for security reasons such as misuse, spam or any illegal activity. Moreover, if anyone has violated or bypassed policies of a website or server, then admins can take this action. However, there is also a possibility of blocking an IP address by mistake. 

The IP Address is Blocked by Cloudflare 

Since Cloudflare is a large network that provides security services to websites, servers and systems. Today, 7.59 million websites incorporate Cloudflare security system to protect their servers and systems. Moreover, Cloudflare has 4.1 million customers all over the world. Therefore, it is likely for them to block some IP addresses or IP address range due to some reasons. This includes IP addresses known for spam and suspicious activities, or Cloudflare’s thorough filtering of traffic and IP addresses on a particular website. In such cases, even authorized users and innocent persons may be denied access. Hence error 1005 access denied appears on screens.  

Website and Server Admins Have Denied Access to VPN Traffic 

If you use VPN to access websites, it might show error 1005 access denied if the admin of the website has blocked any traffic that comes from VPN users. There are 1.5 billion people across the globe who use VPN to access website, according to 2023 stats. Since VPN is used to hide IP address and encrypt data and identity of its users, many website and server admins consider it malicious and illegal. Therefore, they block VPN traffic to protect their systems against hacking or misuse. 

The above-mentioned are the most common reasons behind the occurrence of error 1005 access denied. We will now discuss the ways on how you can bypass this error. Following is a comprehensive explanation on how you can fix this error. 

Deactivate or Uninstall VPN 

As mentioned earlier, if you are using VPN to access certain websites and servers, then error 1005 will appear as a result. Therefore, disable VPN in your laptop to avoid error 1005 from appearing. Following is a step-by-step guide on how you can deactivate VPN. 

  1. Go to the windows bar and search control panel. 
  2. Open control panel and select uninstall a program option under programs. 
  3. Check the VPN in your system and uninstall it by using left click. 
  4. Finish the proceeding steps. 

Deactivate Proxy Server in Your Laptop 

Websites or server can show error 1005 if proxy server in activated in your laptop or system. Hence, disable it and go on with your browsing without any hindrances. Follow the steps to deactivate proxy server. 

  1. Go to windows buttonon the left corner of your desktop 
  2. Select settings and then select proxy on the left bar 
  3. Check if use proxy server is on under manual proxy setup option 
  4. Turn it off if it is on. 

Adjust Time and Date Correctly in Your System

If the date and time in your system is incorrect, error 1005 will appear while you browse certain websites and servers. Therefore, follow the steps to alter the date and time in your desktop. 

  1. Go to windows button and search control panel 
  2. Open control panel and then select clock and region option 
  3. Select set the time and date option under date and time option 
  4. Select change date and time option and then alter it manually and correctly
  5. Select ok after you are done with correction  

Delete Your Browsing History, Cache and Cookies

Although it may seem irrelevant to delete your browsing history in order to bypass error 1005, it is effective as some websites may block access if there is outdated or malicious data in your browsing history. Hence, follow the steps to get rid of it. 

  1. Open Google Chrome and click on three dots at the top right corner of the bar
  2. Select settings on the pop-up window, then select privacy and security option on the left side bar 
  3. Click on clear browsing data option. A window will pop-up showing basic and advanced option. 
  4. Select browsing history, cookies and cache options under both basic and advanced options, then select all time in time range bar. 
  5. Finally click on clear data option. 

Employ Google’s DNS Server 

Many websites deny access to random DNS server, as there is a possibility of DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack. Therefore, Google’s DNS server is the most secure DNS and can help to access websites and systems that show error 1005. It may seem technical, but it is very easy. Simply follow these steps. 

  1. Go to windows button at down left corner of your desktop screen 
  2. Select settings. Then click on status option on left side bar 
  3. Select change adapter options option, then click on your network option 
  4. Use the left click and select properties option. 
  5. Click on internet protocol version option and then select properties
  6. Type in preferred DNS server option bar manually, and type in alternate DNS server option bar manually. 
  7. Finally click on ok option, and you are done. 

Adjust or Alter Your Firewall Settings 

Although we are discussing that error 1005 access denied can appear due to restrictions imposed by website and server host, but it may surprise you that it can occur due to faulty firewall settings in your laptop and system. Therefore, it is necessary to alter firewall settings to avoid error 1005 access denied from emerging again and again. Just follow the steps to bypass error 1005. 

  1. Go windows button and search control panel. 
  2. Open control panel, then select systems and security option 
  3. Select allow an app through Windows Firewall option and under windows defender firewall option. 
  4. A new window will appear with a list of browser and change settings option. Click change settings button. 
  5. Check your web browser on the list and then check tick marks on private and public boxes. 
  6. If your browser’s private or public option is not selected, then enable it by clicking on the private and public boxes. 

Change Your IP Address 

As stated earlier, networks like Cloudflare can also block some IP addresses if they find them suspicious. Therefore, to avoid error 1005 access denied, you need to secure your IP address’s reputation. For that, you should either change your IP address, internet network and laptop/desktop, or all three of them.

Contact Website or Server Admin 

This is one of the best and most reliable solution to try if you want to get rid of error 1005 access denied. If all the solution provided in this article fail to bypass error 1005, then this is the option you should go for. Since website and server hosts have imposed restriction, therefore, they are the only ones who can grant you access to their website and server. Moreover, this approach is relatively ethical than others. 


The purpose of this article is to provide you a detailed and comprehensive information about what is error 1005 access denied, why it occurs on certain websites and servers and how you can bypass it. Moreover, the purpose of this article is not to promote any illegal or malicious activity, but rather discourage it. Maintaining ethics is our priority, hence we provide solutions and content that is harmless and free from any illegal activity. We hope that this article helps you in fixing error 1005. 

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