What Is Destiny 2 Server Status: How To Fix It?

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Destiny 2, developed by Bungie Inc. is one of the best roleplaying games out there. It has a variety of exciting features to enjoy and is available played in two halves. While people easily get interested in the game for its compatibility with PS4, PS5 Xbox One, Windows, and PC, many beginners tend to leave it too.

This is due to the tricky startup and instructions of this game. Another issue often faced by Destiny 2 is its server status. If you have played this game ever, the ‘Server not available' error must have destroyed the aura of your enjoyment. Players familiar with this video game are aware of different solutions to fix such issues.

However, to help starters and first-time players, we have shared a detailed guide about Destiny 2 server status and its possible fixes.

But, before we proceed, let us have a look at the reasons behind the Destiny 2 server error.

Why Does The Destiny 2 Server Error Occur?

The Destiny 2 server not available error occurs due to a variety of reasons. The popular ones among these are,

Maintenance Shutdown

Every application and software requires maintenance to keep performing seamlessly. Similarly, Destiny 2 often goes through a maintenance shutdown due to which its server status changes to not available.

Server Overload

Server overload is a common problem in Destiny 2. It happens when different players send requests to the server at once due to which the system freezes. As a result, it does not operate new login requests and indicates the message server is not available.

Besides these primary reasons, the server may be unresponsive due to network errors like wrong configuration or network outage. Many players are unaware of the solutions that may help to fix these types of errors. Below is a quick guide that may help you resolve the server errors phased by Destiny 2.

How to Fix the Destiny 2 Server Status?

Before you dig into the ways that may help resolve this error, make sure to check for the Destiny 2 server status. In case you do not find any kind of scheduled maintenance notice or network problem, try one of the following ways to fix it.

Change Your Network Settings

Many players prefer using Netsh Winsock Reset to refresh their network settings. It is an expert-recommended and secure gateway. Try these steps if you are unaware of this command.

  1. Open the command prompt on your PC.
  2. Instead of the regular command prompt, switch to the administrator mode.
  3. In the space bar of your command prompt, type ‘Netsh Winsock Reset' and enter.
  4. Now restart your system.
  5. Finally, run Destiny 2 and check if the issue is resolved.

Switch to A VPN

Overloading of the server often results in several delays between the gamer and the server. To get over this problem, many players switch to a high-quality VPN app. Using a Virtual Private Network creates a strong connection between the player and Destiny 2. As a result, the ‘Server not available’ error resolves quickly.

Check Your Network Driver for Updates

The Destiny 2 server error often occurs when your network driver requires an update. Hence, make sure if it is outdated through the following steps.

  1. Open the device manager on your PC.
  2. Expand the list under the network adapter’s option.
  3. Now, click on the driver that you are using and check whether it requires an update or not.
  4. In case an update is required, the system will ask you for ways to search your network driver.
  5. Try to search automatically for your network drivers as it will command your Windows to search and install the recommended driver.
  6. Now restart your system.
  7. Finally, run Destiny 2 and check if the issue is resolved.

Switch From Wi-Fi to Ethernet

Sometimes, it is better to replace your Wi-Fi with a strong Ethernet connection. It provides a more stable network and helps to connect with the game easily. Make sure to disable your Wi-Fi and connect your Ethernet port to the router and your PC.

Now, restart your PC and run Destiny 2 to check if the issue has been resolved or not.

How to Check the Destiny 2 Server Status?

There are four primary ways through which you can easily check the server status of Destiny 2. Each of these ways is mentioned below in detail.

Visit the Bungie Gaming Community

One of the easiest ways to know about Destiny 2 server status is to connect with different Bungie Gaming Communities. The owners of these communities make sure to update members about the game. Whenever Destiny 2 encounters any error or server problem, you will be informed through the community.

The best social platform to find any such communities is Reddit. Many players gather on this channel to discuss Destiny 2 and its details.

Check Bungie's Official Account

Besides gaming communities, Bungie also owns an official social media account ‘Bungie Help' (@BungieHelp). The developer always updates the status of Destiny 2 to inform players. It is an accurate place to ask any questions regarding the game or know when the issue is going to be resolved.

Bungie Help Official Forum

Most people instantly visit the official help forum of Destiny 2 owned by Bungie. Here, the game managers and developers keep sharing status details to help players. Also, you can know the reason behind the game's servers not being available.
The forum will further let you know whether they are trying to resolve the error or if it may take a few hours.

Try Online Website Monitoring

If none of these options work for you, try to visit an online website monitoring platform. Here, different gamers share the real-time status of multiple games. You can check the Destiny 2 server status here.

Final Thoughts

This is all from our side about Destiny 2 by Bungie Inc. Keep playing your favorite game by getting over any kind of status errors. The above-mentioned solutions may help you establish your network and fix your server easily.
To know more about the game, please let us know in the comments below.

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