Best 7 AI Search Engines That You Need To Know

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Since the launch of ChatGPT, AI has changed how we look at things. It is why the rising trend of AI search engines is one of the biggest achievements for tech geeks now.

For a long time, Google and Bing have been considered the best search engines all over the web. As artificial intelligence started to integrate, ChatGPT took over these two in many scenarios. It was only Internet access that kept this AI-powered chatbot from completing these search engines.

Interestingly, it led to the idea of creating artificially intelligent search engines that may communicate with users and provide accurate but concise results. As soon as AI search engines were launched, Google and Bing took over the market.

However, with time, plenty of other search engines were launched too.

Hence, in this article, we have mentioned the best and most highly recognized AI-based search engines on the market. But, before we proceed, let us have a look at the introduction and working of these search engines.

Introduction to AI Search Engine

An AI search engine uses the latest technologies like artificial intellizgence and machine learning to process data. It can provide more accurate answers to complex queries rather than providing multiple pages of SERP results. To fit its human-like understanding, the search engine gives less attention to keywords and focuses more on users' search behavior.

It also checks for users' search history and past interactions to provide better and more detailed answers. What’s more to these search engines is their compatibility with advanced search techniques like voice search and image search.

List of the Top AI Search Engines

1.  Bing AI

Bing AI logo

Image Source: Tech Viral

While Google has been around us for a long time, now, is the time to make a difference. It is why, the first on our list is the artificially intelligent search engine by Microsoft – Bing AI. The platform has raised its standards successfully since its partnership with ChatGPT. In February, the company came over an update that involved the incorporation of LLM (Large Language Models) technology with the search engine.

As a result, users can now experience a separate chat feature along with the search engine that helps to resolve queries through conversation. Bing AI uses the features of GPT 3.5 to provide detailed and more accurate answers as compared to its previous version. Fortunately, there is no paid subscription to use this technology.

Users are free to use the artificially intelligent search engine by signing up for their Microsoft accounts.

2.  YouChat

Youchat AI

Image Source: AMBCrypto

The next on our list is YouChat by, which is a promising AI search engine. Similar to pink, it is based on the LLM technology that helps to generate user-friendly conversations with up-to-date results. The platform uses natural language to process results and is efficient enough to create content in a variety of languages.

Also, it can generate high-quality images in response to user queries. Individuals can use it to retrieve information regarding the latest events or ask questions regarding recent news updates. It is what makes the search engine better than ChatGPT.What’s more about YouChat is its high-tech tool YouAgent, which can be used to write code run and run it in the YouChat environment.

The search engine is also accessible for iOS and Android users. It offers a free version that can be used to access unlimited amounts of data. However, it can only generate limited images as compared to the premium version. The platform has two different subscription plans which include,

  • YouPro at a monthly fee of $9.99
  • YouPro for Education at a monthly fee of $6.99

3.  NeevaAI

Neeva AI

Image Source: Business Today

Now on our list is NeevaAI – the ad-free search engine owned by Snowflake Inc. It is an artificially intelligent platform that is based on a monthly subscription and focuses highly on user privacy. Working on the search engine for more time helps users to come up with better results.

Because of its ability to retrieve data in real-time, the platform is gaining popularity among individuals. It is preferred by many users over Google as it helps to produce more accurate results with zero advertisements. When asking a question don’t leave AI, This search engine provides answers by browsing through its search stack.

To help users get familiar with this latest technology tool, it offers a free trial version that helps to test all its features. Later then, users are advised to pay a subscription fee of $5 per month.

4.  Perplexity.AI

Perplexity AI

Image Source: Spy Newsletter

Perplexity.AI is another artificial intelligence search engine based on LLM technology. It is often considered as the search engine that provides accurate but true answers. Also, the tool is synchronized with Google’s page rank and Internet data to generate authentic information in real time.

Currently, the platform is owned by Silicon Valley investors, who are inventing the search engine for its rising popularity. Many people are fond of it as it hears details about related topics in the answers below. Also, it provides citations and reference links with each answer.


Komo AI

Image Source:

On the list of AI search engines, has been offering outstanding performance with its artificially intelligent capabilities. The platform is highly recognized for its primary features including ask, explore, and search. Through these, users can ask the platform for multiple queries, browse details about trending topics on the web, and use the platform like a regular search engine.

It provides reference links and website citations in the form of a bibliography. The platform helps users to think creatively and make human-friendly conversations with authentic details. Individuals can use it to discuss the latest topics and request details about weather forecasts.                                has a free trial version for users to understand its main features. Later then, anyone can easily download its premium version and subscribe to its basic plan with a fee of $8 per month.

6.  ANDI

Image Source: AI Tools Club

ANDI is a futuristic combination of a chatbot and a search engine. Again work on both features accurately and let users decide which style to choose. It was recently co-founded by Angela Hoover and Jed White. The platform makes sure to provide authentic answers to every question along with the provision of accurate citations in the sidebar.

Users are free to use its chat-style conversation if they like. Also, the tool can help you to summarize lengthy details and come up with a concise paragraph. Moreover, the search engine can create images like any other AI tool when asked by the user. 

What makes ANDI perfect is that it goes through popular search engines like Bing and Google to provide answers.

The platform is based on LLM technology and explores a variety of knowledge graphs to cater to multiple queries.

7.  Waldo

Image Source:

The last one on our list is Waldo, which is backed by an idea after the game 'Where’s Waldo'. It has recently been launched a few months back, yet the platform has gained popularity among users. Initially, it was created as a Google Chrome extension but due to its extensive usage, the tool has now been converted to a popular AI search engine.  

Similar to ANDI, it goes through Google and Bing to browse details and come up with accurate answers. Moreover, the search engine is available for iOS and Android users making it more flexible for today's generation. It’s being designed for today’s entrepreneurs, for this reason, it lets you download different pieces of information in a variety of file formats.

Among its advanced features, the import and export of Google Docs is a popular one. The tool offers a free trial version for its users. But, for unlimited usage, users must look for its paid version with a subscription fee of $8 per month.

The Takeaway

According to reports, the overall revenue of the AI market size was accounted to cross $208 billion at the end of 2023. It is further expected to reach $2 trillion by the year 2030. This is because of the vast and extensive improvements in the AI community that led to the launch of these search engines.

Besides the above-discussed AI search engines, there are plenty of others on the list. This may include Praxy AI, Bard, DuckDuckGo, Google AI, and a lot more. Stay tuned with us to learn more about artificially intelligent search tools across the web. Share your reviews if you have used any of these search engines and let us know your experience in the comments below.

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