Top 10 Google Chrome Extensions for Developers In 2022

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Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers all over the world. According to stats, more than 64% of internet users prefer Chrome. Hence, its massive everyday use makes it developers’ favorite browser.

If you are one of these developers, you must be having a collection of Google Chrome extensions. These make work easier and perform better than many development tools.

Recently, we came across a survey for the best Google Chrome extensions to date. However, the results got us confused as the list lasted for pages. To overcome frenzy, we suggested our development team select 10 among these.

Below, we have shared the top Google Chrome extensions suitable for developers in 2022.

10 Best Google Chrome Extensions In 2022

Every developer has a set of tools that makes work easier. However, having a set of dedicated Google Chrome extensions can boost performance.  Every extension in the list may not suit you. But some are surely going to be your favorite.


Each extension discussed below has a particular functionality, price, and user interface.


The Usersnap Chrome extension lets a developer directly capture web pages from the browser. It also lets you add notes to the captured image for later use. As a developer, you can understand the need of capturing screens during the process.

Hence, this extension is most recommended by developers. It allows users to give visual feedback to various prototypes and makes bug reporting a piece of cake. According to The Huffington Post, TechCrunch, and Forbes, Usersnap is known as award-winning feedback and bug tracking tool.

Market-leading platforms like Facebook, Google, and Microsoft are frequent users of this extension. What’s more to this tool is that it lets you save every screenshot or recording in the project dashboard. Usersnap extension is a fun and user-friendly choice for most developers in 2022.


The Lighthouse extension is popular for multiple reasons. But, it is majorly known as an automated tool to boost the performance and quality of web pages in your browser.

Developers are fond of this tool as it is compatible with almost browsers easily. As a result, you can easily improve the progressive performance, SEO, and accessibility of pages while working. Besides developers, Lighthouse is popular among UX testers, graphic designers, and instructors.

This user-friendly extension activates as soon as you type its URL. On startup, it goes through multiple audits of the webpage and prepares a report. Beginners can study this report too, as it includes a referencing document to make sure you can easily improve the performance of the page.


The ColorZilla Chrome extension quickly stands out with its prominent two million users. It serves as the best color picking tool for everyday developers. This user-friendly extension can be used as a gradient generator, eyedropper, and color picker whenever you like.

Hence, it lets you perform almost any color-related task from beginner to advanced level. Through this tool, developers can easily pick any color from the website they're working on. Also, they can save this color to their collection for later use.

This color, as a result, adds to the color history and further to the developer’s color palette. ColorZilla will let you edit any color using a CSS gradient. is the Google Chrome extension that keeps every developer trendy. Surely, every development professional needs to stay tuned for making work easier. Hence, this tool gives complete track of rising technologies and updated news.

It is a news aggregator extension with a massive collection of news, blogs, articles, and reviews. Also, it showcases advice from experts in the same field. Daily serves as a start page with multiple news-related contents. You can click on any headline to read further.

The best part about this extension is its ability to work freely. Developers are fond of it as it is a cent percent open-source tool yet private. So, you can easily control the data once you sign up.

Web Developer

Web developer, as the name implies, is a Google Chrome extension for developers working on web projects. You will be surprised to know that it was initially a Firefox extension. However, the company had to shift it to the rising demand.

Soon as you install it to Chrome, a tiny toolbar adds to the top of your browser. It includes various features like view meta tag information, display link description, view JavaScript, and much more. You can easily use these functions on forms, CSS, add images, etc.

Furthermore, this extension works as a standard Chrome inspector. Developers can easily fix broken images and add outlines to several elements on the web page. Any dev can you use this tool as its list of benefits goes on.

Session Buddy

Session Buddy is it generalist Google Chrome extension ideal for developers. You can also name it the save it for the later tool as it allows users to save their current session instantly. Hence, you can easily save a currently open tab or gather all tabs in a group before saving.

Also, it lets users restore a saved tab or a group of tabs at once. Developers love this tool as it helps revisit a previous tab easily. The best part about this extension is that it lets you recover all tabs in case of a crash. Thus, the chances of losing any data eliminate through Session Buddy.

Not to forget, you can also search through saved tabs for boosting productivity.


The Hiver Chrome extensions serve as a productivity tool for Gmail. It is one of the best options for developers who wish to strengthen email communications with colleagues and clients. The most prominent feature of this extension is accountability.

It means developers can easily track their emails with a single click. Also, it helps manage email delegations, activity timelines, email tags, etc. Hiver is popular because it makes collaboration a piece of cake.

Users can easily manage group inboxes by using the @clientname option. Besides saving time, it provides instant notifications of sent and received emails.

CSS Viewer

CSS Viewer, as the name implies, is a Google Chrome extension for viewing necessary CSS information at once. All a developer needs to do is to hover their mouse over an element and instantly learn about its CSS properties. On installation, it showcases a floating panel to display all details.

You can learn about the font, text, color, background, positioning, and attributes through this tool. While plenty of extensions can do the job, devs recommend it for speed and performance. You can feel free to share your website details and history with CSS viewer as it keeps your information secure.

Keep in mind that you must download the tool to use it.

Page Ruler

Page ruler is a measurement extension for Google Chrome. It gives a detailed measurement of different objects on the webpage. You can use it to analyze and scrutinize various on-page elements in terms of accurate dimensions and readings.

Because it is a user-friendly tool, you can easily download it for further use. It activates with a single click to start inspecting whatever you like. On selection, the tool turns orange and diminishes the entire webpage content.

In response, you can roughly draw over the element you wish to measure. As a result, the extension will open a pop-up window displaying the required details.

Fake Filler

Fake filler is a Google Chrome extension that makes the development and testing of forms in applications seamless. As a developer, you can understand the fatigue of entering test data during work. Fortunately, this extension saves time by entering dummy data wherever you need it.

Hence, you can skip manual data entry and boost the testing process. Do not worry, as this extension is smart enough to handle defaults. It means you can feel relaxed about disabled, hidden, or read-only fields.

What's more to this tool is the set of benefits its free version offers. You can easily access 25 fields through its basic version.

Final Thoughts

The internet offers plenty of other Google Chrome extensions for developers in 2022. However, you can start with these as most of the tools in our list are recommended by experts. Each of these extensions is useful in one way or the other.

To make the selection easier, keep one thing in mind. Make sure it fulfills your requirement and is easy to use. After all, the basic goal of an extension is to make work easier for a developer.

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