How to Fix Error in Moderation ChatGPT? An Informative Guide

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Last year, ChatGPT made our lives easier than ever before. Since its launch in November 2022, the chatbot powered by open AI has become an important conversation tool for everyone. While it earned a whopping 1 million users in less than a week of its launch, the numbers kept on increasing.

As of now, ChatGPT holds more than 180 million active users every month and almost 100 million weekly users. These demographics explain the importance of ChatGPT nowadays. People all over the world are using this artificially intelligent tool for professional and personal reasons.

From generating friendly conversations to providing high-quality information, ChatGPT assists at every step. However, like any other software, it can sometimes come across a variety of errors that hinder users' experience. Among these, moderation has become quite a topic of discussion for many.

In this article, we have discussed this error in detail along with its necessary fixtures. Also, we have mentioned the details of other errors encountered by ChatGPT in 2024. Keep reading to learn more about common ChatGPT errors.

An Overview of ChatGPT Error in Moderation

According to ChatGPT, itself, moderation is a built-in feature that maintains the standard and ethical guidelines of this app. It prevents the use of any content that may harm the policies of user interaction. Because it filters out inappropriate content, sometimes moderation causes an error in conversation.

It means, the tool mistakenly flags content as unethical or inappropriate. Below are a few reasons that may cause the error in moderation.

  • The length of the user text crosses a certain limit of 32K chunks or includes any kind of unrecognizable characters.
  • The feature may disagree with any kind of judgment, words, or phrases based on its way of learning.
  • The prompt finds it difficult to understand your text as you are asking questions about an irrelevant topic.
  • The user text does not have the regular syntax required by ChatGPT to provide an accurate response.
  • The app may not be able to understand or interpret the language of the input text.

Being an AI-powered chatbot, ChatGPT can make biased decisions based on its learning ability. This is why the moderation error often disrupts a conversation. However, you can easily resolve these errors through the following steps.

  • Refresh Your Internet Connection

Most often, a poor internet connection can be the prime reason for moderation errors. Hence, make sure to check it first and restart your router.

  • Reduce Your Input Length

As mentioned earlier, too long text can lead to the error in moderation. The AI tool is efficient enough to write approximately 25K words at once. Hence, try to reduce your word count, while keeping it simple and without any kind of special characters.

  • Resend Your Request

ChatGPT lets you regenerate a declined response easily. It features a resend button right under your message. Click on this button and let ChatGPT produce a response again.

  • Rephrase Your Text

Other than resending your response, try to rephrase your context. Asking the question differently may resolve the moderation error and provide you with a helpful response.

  • Disable Your VPN Or Firewall

Many people use VPN to access ChatGPT. At times, this can cause trouble for the app to process causing a moderation error. Also, using a firewall or other protection apps hinders ChatGPT from performing seamlessly. Try disabling it and restart your AI chatbot.

  • Switch To A New Chat

One of the easiest ways to get over the moderation error in ChatGPT is to exit your chat and start a new one. As soon as this error occurs, turn to your sidebar to find the option of a new chat and start a fresh conversation.

  • Clear Your Cache And Cookies

Sometimes excessive browser cookies and cache can lead to different types of errors. Through your browser's settings, try to clear these cookies and cachet before you restart a new conversation.

  • Try To Contact The Moderators

Often experts recommend connecting to the moderators of the subreddit when you encounter the moderation error. It is because these people may be helpful and provide an accurate fixture.

  • Change Your Browser

In case the error continues to occur after starting a new chat or refreshing your conversation, try to switch your web browser. It is quite possible that the browser you were using is not supportive of ChatGPT.

In case you keep experiencing these errors after trying all of the above-discussed solutions, try connecting with ChatGPT support assistance. Their 24/7 available team may be able to help you out and suggest better solutions.

How to Avoid the Error in Moderation ChatGPT?

Besides finding different solutions for the moderation error, there are a few steps that you can take to avoid it.

Ask For Advice

The AI-powered chatbot has a compliance policy regarding appropriate and inappropriate topics. In case you are not sure about the topic you are discussing, try to transform your conversation into a helpful and friendly one. AskChatGPT for advice or suggestions regarding your topic. It may keep your conversation going without any kind of disruption or error.

Try To Share a Good Laugh

BecauseChatGPT is a great conversation tool, it appreciates humor and friendliness. When trying to discuss a sensitive topic, try to be funny and sarcastic. It may keep you away from any kind of errors and keep the conversation going in a friendly tone.

Be Precise and Respectful

The AI chatbot does not appreciate hate speeches, harassment, or any kind of unethical words. Try to keep away from such phrases by generating a clear and friendly conversation. Do not use any words that may cause the error to occur and disrupt your experience.

Avoid Any Sensitive Discussions

The best way to keep away from moderation errors is to prevent sensitive topics. Any kind of harmful, violent, and abusive topic can trigger moderation errors at once. Skip talking about such things and keep your conversation going.

Other Common Errors Faced By ChatGPT

According to Open AI, ChatGPT has been fed with more than 300 billion words. Besides the moderation error, ChatGPT faces a few other issues reported by different users. To make sure you continue with a seamless conversation, we have highlighted these errors and their ideal solutions.

Network Error in ChatGPT

The ChatGPT network error is another common issue faced by users. It most probably occurs when a user asks about a complex topic or requests for a lengthy response. Further, as the name implies, network error can occur due to a poor Internet connection.

Fortunately, a few steps can help you to remove this issue.

Test Your Network Connection

The first thing you need to do is to retake your Internet connection. Try to troubleshoot your network and regenerate your response to get over this error.

Cut Down Your Request

The network error often occurs if ChatGPT continues to write for more than 60 seconds. It often happens due to well in the request. Therefore, try to break down your request into two to three parts. It may provide you with the required information in chunks, yet the network error will be resolved.

Create A Word Limit

Another way to make sure that ChatGPT does not continue to write for more than 60 seconds is to set an appropriate word limit. For instance, ask the tool to provide you with an answer within X words. Hence, you may simply receive your response quickly with no network error.

Error in Body/Message Stream

Another one of ChatGPT’s common errors is an error in the body stream or message stream. It may occur due to two primary reasons. Either the message is a response to a poor Internet connection or it results due to a server overload by ChatGPT itself.

Most often, the countless number of requests on ChatGPT restricts it from delivering a response that it has already created. Try to check your network connection whenever this error occurs immediately. 
Moreover, other ways to resolve this kind of error include the following solutions.

Regenerate Your Response

To overcome this error, try to regenerate your response. Refreshing user requests often result in providing the required answer from ChatGPT.

Start a New Conversation

Starting a new chat is the best way to get over most of the errors encountered by ChatGPT. Therefore, try to start a new conversation with the tool and check if the error resolves or not.

Simplify Your Query

Similar to the error in moderation ChatGPT, body stream, and message stream errors can occur due to a complex query. Hence, try to simplify your request as it may help ChatGPT to generate your answer quickly.

Are You Ready To Start Your ChatGPT Conversation?

According to reports, ChatGPT is most expected to generate a revenue of more than $1 billion by the end of 2024. It is being used by plenty of business professionals all over the world, especially the USA. In fact, a quarter of the companies using ChatGPT have successfully saved from 50K to 70K of investments throughout their workflow.

In addition, almost 11% of businesses in the USA use this tool for business growth. Regardless of all these errors, you can give this AI chatbot a try. Besides the above-discussed errors and fixtures, there are a few more errors commonly faced by ChatGPT.

However, most of the errors come with a beginner-friendly solution. You can try the above-discussed fixtures when facing the error in moderation. For those who have been using ChatGPT regularly, feel free to share a few of the solutions that help you resolve different errors of this app.

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