How To Drive Organic Traffic Using Podcast On Your Website?

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Creating a podcast is quite popular right now, and for good reason: They can generate a large following, have a huge barrier to entry to success, and may establish you as an effective team member. You are not alone if you are struggling to attract visitors to your website. 

According to a 2020 Content Marketing Institute report, 64 percent of content practitioners have difficulty hiring appropriate people trained in content strategy, which is one of the best motivators for site visitors. If you own an online business, traffic is a lifeline because it allows your marketing strategy to work and pay the bills.

In an online business, you need to set proper content marketing, such as your need to opt for Landing Page Design Services to make a strong look of your website. Now, if you add podcasting features, it’ll make your content strategy stronger.

Podcasting a Website 

The podcast website serves as the home for your podcast. You can grow your brand and sell your software in your own unique way because you are in complete control of it.

Let's face it: you can't plan your business if it's not your platform. This is why having a podcast host who also offers a unique podcast site is a must if you want to be in complete control of your podcast business. If you're wondering, regular audio files are big, and the most popular website providers don't provide the bandwidth required for podcasts. In a responsive web design, if you add a feature of podcasting, then you’ll see immediate results.

Let's take a quick look at the techniques you'll need to put in place to increase and expand your podcast platform's visitors.

Create A Strategy Inspired By Keyword Research

First and foremost, the majority of traffic to your podcast site will come from your blog. The methods of blogging and podcasting vary greatly. While podcasting increases by attracting listeners and offering regular “updates” in the form of shows, blogging is not the same. 

Attracting blog traffic requires more than just providing “updates” to your followers. Instead, it is an ongoing process that relies on keyword research and attracts new visitors based on internet searches.
When a simple Google user searches for "passive income ideas", your site may appear immediately. They can read your article featuring 15 ideas and then subscribe to your podcast by clicking the link in your article.

Creation and Marketing courses

What better way to prove your ability and get your readers to read all of the content than by sharing what you know now? If you have a skill, design a class to teach it and sell it on sites like Udemy while also selling it on your website from a page aiming for a high-traffic keyword for SEO.

Natural social media

New organic networking isn't a new tactic, but it's one that marketers should be aware of. You can use Instagram posts, IGTV, video recording, or Messenger as well as post to social sites. Being an important source of new features is crucial to organic social media.

It is also important to have an extensive marketing plan and employ the right social media channels, rather than just Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Platforms like YouTube and Pinterest can bring a lot of great traffic to your website.

High-Quality Backlinks

To increase the number of visitors to your website, you must rank higher in the search engines. To rank better in SEO, you need to be an expert in your field. Aside from the topic/group approach mentioned above, one way is to get high-quality backlinks. When high authority websites connect to your site, you get credibility.

Pay attention to the SEO health of your website

SEO is a fairly straightforward process. The majority of the advantages come from adhering to best practices for system validation; it has everything everyone would expect to see. Putting these items in place can have a huge impact on the volume of traffic.


If you have a website with items or services for sale, you might consider joining an affiliate network. While affiliate programs need maintenance, it's also an excellent way to get others to promote your items for free, and you only get them if they buy something.

3 Reasons Why You Should Have A Podcast Site

Liquefaction capabilities

Podcasting, like starting a blog, is an excellent way to grow a digital empire. You can use a variety of affiliate marketing, monetization methods, subscription plans, including sponsorship arrangements, and more.

Attract a new audience

Reading a blog or watching a video is not for everyone. Some people choose to consume content by listening to webcasts while they are on the go or while working out. Podcasts will help you reach that age and expand your audience. On the other hand, a podcast website can help you reach a whole new audience through online portals.

It identifies you as an authoritarian

One of the most important benefits of a podcast site is that it helps you position yourself as an authority in your field. You have become a trusted resource within your industry by providing valuable content.


It's not as difficult as it may sound to grow and scale your podcast. You simply need to be strategic in your approach. You should know that scaling does not mean producing a large number of podcast episodes.

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