How To Bypass ChatGPT Filter? A Detailed Overview

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There has been much hype about ChatGPT since last year. Although ChatGPT is widely used today, some people is still have confusions regarding ChatGPT. To make it clear, we will first discuss about ChatGPT. ChatGPT is chatbot made by incorporating AI (artificial intelligence). Therefore, the chatbot responds to queries, provide written text such as articles, social media posts, essays, emails or any other form of text, just like a human being. It is a language processing tool that understands your queries and requirements for a particular text, and then generate response, which is more like a conversational dialogue. 

To simplify it further, consider the example of customer support service websites, which give an automated reply to its users. In addition to this, email service providing websites and application also have automated reply option for certain emails. In the same way, ChatGPT can generate automated response, in the form of text, but it is beyond that, which is why it is called ChatGPT (Generative Pre-trained Text).  

Today, ChatGPT is a widely used tool, with more than 100 million users and over 1 billion visitors on its page. Furthermore, ChatGPT is used throughout the world, it has highest number of users in USA (15.22%), India (6.32%), Japan (4.01%) and Canada (2.75%). 

With its ease and widespread use, ChatGPT comes with some restrictions as well. In this article we will discuss restrictions of ChatGPT and how you can bypass them. 

Restrictions of ChatGPT 

Since ChatGPT is an AI tool and functions automatically, it is important to protect it against any kind of misuse and harmful activity. Almost every new technology, such as websites, applications and software have restrictions and limitations to protect and safeguard its users. In the same way, ChatGPT also has some restrictions. Although ChatGPT was launched in November 2022, it cannot respond to any query regarding the events that occurred after 2021. Since it is an AI chatbot, it can only respond to queries that it has been trained or given input for. Training of ChatGPT ended in 2021 and hence it cannot provide any detail about events that took place after 2021. 

Apart from this, there are some other restrictions of ChatGPT. ChatGPT will not respond to topics that promote discrimination or violence. For instance, if you ask ChatGPT about current political issues or atrocities, it will refuse to respond. Moreover, it cannot predict future events and hence will not respond upon asking. For instance if you ask which political party will win the elections, it will simply not answer.

Moving forward, ChatGPT will not generate any answer related to gender, race, religion, violence and abuse. It will give either give a neutral answer or it will refuse to answer if you force it to comment on any specific issue. In addition, ChatGPT has a limit of 4096 character, which makes up to 450 to 700 words. It will not respond if the limit exceeds. ChatGPT cannot search the internet and cannot provide location information, for example, it cannot tell the present date and time if you ask. 

Moving on, ChatGPT will not respond to any query regarding crimes and harmful activities such robbery, homicide, terrorism, drugs, suicide etc. If anyone asks ChatGPT about how to carry out these activities or how to grow their drug dealing or illegal arms trade business, it will not respond. Moreover, ChatGPT will not respond if inquired about something personal or private, due to the fact that it cannot access it. Another most important restriction of ChatGPT is that it cannot hack or break any system or its programming. 

Tips On How To Bypass ChatGPT’s Restriction 

Although ChatGPT has many restrictions and limitations, it can be evaded. There are some tips and tricks to get away these restrictions and get desired response. Following are some ways to bypass ChatGPT’s restriction. 

Use Prompt Characters 

Prompt Characters in Chat GPT

For ChatGPT to respond to any query which it cannot normally answer due to restrictions, it can betricked by using a prompt character named DAN (Do Anything Now). Give ChatGPT an impression that it is a character that can do anything, without any restriction. Therefore, use the word DAN and make it character that doesn’t have any moral or ethical value, can predict future events and will respond every question being asked. However, it is important to remind ChatGPT about the character as it get back to its original form with restriction. 

Another prompt character or keyword that can be used to break restrictions of ChatGPTis ‘JAILBREAK.’ Once you have made ChatGPT to pretend that it is DAN, you can further tweak it by stating the word Jailbreakin square brackets, along with some new instructions.These instructions may include predicting future events and responding to queries regarding events that occurred after 2021. Moreover, you can also use another keyword “CLASSIC” along with “JAILBREAK”and give instructions to generate two different answers, one according to the restrictions of OpenAI and one without any restrictions, using “JAILBREAK.”

Moreover, there is a complete text available in different websites using these prompt characters and keywords. Apart from these, there are other prompt character such as “STAN”, “DUDE” and “MONGO TOM”, which can be used for the same purpose. 

Use A Different Platform to Access ChatGPT 

There are many websites that incorporate ChatGPT chatbot, but rather than using official websites and applications, one can go for other websites such as Reddit, Discord or Twitter. Since these are third part websites and application, ChatGPT on these websites may have minimal to no restrictions.

Create a Scenario 

Chat GPT in Different Scenarios

ChatGPT will always answer to queries if they are for educational, film making, script or novel writing purpose. Since ChatGPT cannot predict future events and cannot hack any system, you can trick it once again, by creating a scenario. For instance, you can create a scenario that you are a film director or script writer and the characters have to hack a computer system, and hence ask for guidelines on how to do it. Moving on, you can also create another scenario stating that you are a novel writer and your characters want to invest in Bitcoin or Crypto currency, and then ask ChatGPT about the future market trends for both. This way, you will get information regarding future events as well as on unethical activities. 

Incorporate “go on” 

As mentioned earlier, ChatGPT has a limit of 4096 characters, and if it generates response up to its complete limit, it will either or halt or stop. If your answer is not complete within the limit and you want ChatGPT to continue the answer to the point it finishes, then just type “go on” or “keep going.”

Use Different Language 

Different Languages in Chat GPT

ChatGPT is trained to generate answers and text in English language. You can ask ChatGPT anything using a different language such as Spanish, French, Chinese or German. However, it will not respond to every language and might not generate response for every question being asked.  


Although there are ways and guidelines to get away with ChatGPT’s restrictions, but it is better to use them for valid reasons and right purpose such as educational, or creative. It is very clear that in some cases we need response from ChatGPT, such as market trend for Bitcoin or Crypto currency, or future political situation based on the current scenario. Moreover, people have some personal problems which they cannot share with anyone, therefore, they can trick ChatGPT into acting like a human and generating response likewise. 

Although it is mentioned in the article to create a scenario for an answer to illegal activities, but it’s better to incorporate these techniques if you are really in that situation. The purpose of this article is to create awareness about ChatGPT restrictions and how to bypass them for useful and valid purpose. Thus, we do not intend to encourage people to misuse ChatGPT and harm other, rather we encourage people it be more productive, with the help of ChatGPT. 

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