How To Get PayPal Key? Step by Step guide

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PayPal is the most used payment method in the USA. Multiple businesses use this method for sending transactions over the internet. Normal people also use this mode of payment to send cash to their loved ones, friends, and families. There are multiple ways through which you can send money, get your payments, and use it for online shopping. It’s a digital wallet that can be used anywhere around the world. People don’t have to worry about the long registration process of the banks because PayPal has subsided all the inconveniences to make their customers. This company has millions of users in the US and abroad. 

Reasons To Choose PayPal

Just like any other product, service or business pitch, convincing factor must be there. People like to read all the information before selecting their investment option. Before going for PayPal Key, you should know why you should not miss an opportunity to make your account. There is multiple advantage in working through PayPal but some of them are listed below:

•    Less Time Consuming: It is no hidden fact that online sales and discounts run out within minutes. Adding details of your credit card or debit card will take longer. It does make you run out of your discounts. PayPal comes in handy. It gives speedier checkout and doesn’t have any threats related to purchase. 

•    Free Account: Bank accounts takes very long to register. There are multiple visits, unnecessary questioning, and a lot more to answer. Choosing PayPal for your purchase will never be tough on your mental health. Creating an account is very easy and you can do it right now for free. It made easier for customers, so they don’t have to think twice before making an account. 

•    International Wallet: Every country has their national bank that works in that state only. You cannot use your native internationally without paying extra fee for it. Its ironic right? You are paying extra money to use your money internationally. It is not the case with PayPal. You can use this payment method anywhere where Mastercard is accepted. 

•    Zero Security Threats: One of the main reasons PayPal is trusted by many businesses is because of its zero security threats. There are chances to lose your personal information online while purchasing but not with this company.  Its safer to use without exposing your personal information. You can also enjoy Buyer Protection and returns or refunds on certain goods. 

•    Card Rewards: Earning card rewards is a plus point for consumers. You can earn multiple rewards on your card through this platform. PayPal links your card to multiple websites and adds rewards to them automatically. 

•    Unlimited Ways to Use Your Account: This payment method is not made for transactions only. You can send gift cards, cash, and get your payments through this account. Shopping is just the start to begin with your PayPal account. 

Step By Step Guide:

PayPal Key was discontinued from 20th August 2022. This service was discontinued to add more features but according to the official website no information is added. PayPal key a virtual card attached to your PayPal account. Just like any debit card it works the same way. It uses the funds attached to any of your bank account or PayPal account, getting payments accepted by stores that uses Mastercard. Here is a step-by-step guide to make your PayPal Key account:

1.    Getting a PayPal Key is not a difficult process. Before making your online purchase, you should setup your PayPal Key. Log in to your PayPal account. 

2.    You will be able to see a key icon on the top of your screen. It depends whether you are using your account in mobile or on laptop. 

3.    Select the account through which you can pay your dues. This will be used for your future purchases. You can change this anytime you want to. 

4.    Your PayPal Key is generated. Use the 16-digit code on your purchase and get multiple benefits through it. 

Where Can You Use Your PayPal Key Feature?

You can use your PayPal Key anywhere where Mastercard is accepted. Apart from online stores, you can use it for your physical purchase as well. All you must do is login with your PayPal account for online purchase. Use your 16-digit code for physical purchase.

This feature is only valid for US customers now.  

How To Use PayPal Key for Purchase?

Using this payment method on your online purchase is a hassle-free process. Its less time consuming and goes for speedier checkout. Open the Amazon website and add products to your cart. Complete your shopping and then proceed to the following steps:

1.    After completing your shopping, click on the cart. If you are done with everything, proceed to checkout. 

2.    Select a payment method, either debit or credit card. 

3.    Use your PayPal Key by using your app or browser. Enter your credentials and login with your PayPal Key id. 

4.    Start typing your 16-digit number in the Card Number field. 

5.    Enter your account number and expiration number listed on the card. 

6.    Click on submit and complete your payment. 

7.    Your purchase has been made. 


PayPal has been grabbing millions of users across the US and internationally for its unusual service. The high-tech service and protected purchase make it the most preferrable option for consumers. If you are someone who wants to invest in payment method that comes with multiple benefits before longing the process, PayPal is the best option for you. Whether you are a businessman, common man or a cooperate person, you should go for it. PayPal Key does not exist anymore, but you can surely try other options on this website. For further updates and information, you can go to the website

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