How to Do Competitor Analysis for Google Ads?

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Have you been working hard on your Google Ads strategies but failed to meet your expectations? If yes, then do not get nervous about the fact. Almost 97% of Google Ads campaigns fail due to the lack of a proper analysis. For this reason, entrepreneurs are often advised to prioritize focusing on their top competitors.

Always make sure what your rivals are doing and let their struggles clear your path to success. Keeping this thought in mind, we have prepared this blog to help struggling businesses keep track of their competitors through a proper analysis of Google Ads. After a detailed discussion with our experts, we have listed below a few necessary steps that you can follow.

Steps To Take For Google Ads Competitor Analysis

Using the Google Ads Keyword Planner

According to reports, almost 80% of businesses all over the world prefer using Google ads for their PPC campaigns. While the Google ads planner is one of the best tools to launch professional-grade pay-per-click campaigns, we prioritize this step the most. All you need to do is create a Google ads account and start working on your PPC campaign ideas. It offers the following features,

  • Negative Keywords List
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Search Volume Analysis
  • PPC Budget Forecasts
  • Cost Per Click Analysis
  • Content Planning

Give Attention to Organic Research

Organic research is a proven strategy that helps to gain valuable insights about your top competitors and their respective strategies. Entrepreneurs are advised to perform organic research that revolves around their target market and major keywords. By doing so, you can know how your competitors are using their major keywords to develop SEO-optimized web content. In response, businesses get an opportunity to create web content strategies better than their rivals.

Moreover, organic research can help to estimate the budget of your competitors and how often they are planning to launch a product. Also, professionals use it to work on their search engine rankings in Google ads performance. Most experts recommend combining organic research with other strategies like competitive analysis and advertising research.

Focus On the Advertising Research Positions Report

The next step is to prioritize using the advertising research positions report. This report helps to list the details about your competitor's domain by using the search bar. It is because of the results generated through SERP you can give a quick insight into the impression share of your Google ads along with their overlap rate. As a result, you can know the complete details about the impressions of your Google ads and your competitor's ads through the same report.

Because this step also helps you to know about your competitor's position in the market, you get a chance to create better strategies than them.

Check Your Google Ads Auction Insights Report

Another report that you need to check for the betterment of your Google ads campaign is the one that provides valuable auction insights. This report can help you with your competitor analysis as it includes your competitors' bidding details. It lets you know the amount other advertisers are dictating to their beds. Hence, you can easily adjust your beds to get better impressions than others.

What’s more about the report is that it provides details about all the advertisers who are competing with you in terms of keywords and auctions. In case, a competitor comes up with a better overlap rate in one of your auctions, you can focus on their strategies to recreate yours.

Identify New Keywords for Your Campaigns

The Google Ads keyword planner is considered one of the finest tools to find new and unique keywords. It is because you can use this tool to find the keywords that your competitors are using or the ones that they may have created. According to experts, these keywords can often be used to maintain your Google Ads campaign.

Use the Best Competitor Analysis Tools

The last step that you can take is to give attention to a few third-party keyword tools that may help you analyze your competitors easily. Below, we have mentioned a few tools that provide ideal results.


SEMrush is considered one of the best competitor analysis tools by experts. It helps to analyze how other brands in your industry are working with their keywords and products. From offering their bidding details to providing the list of the most used keywords, the SEO

Toolkit by SEMrush brings everything to your screen.

To help beginners understand, let us consider an example of the keyword ‘women's apparel'. Type this keyword in the search bar and look forward to its keyword overview.

Also, you can search for a particular competitor through this tool by entering the URL of your rival brand. It will let you know different details about your competitor like their keywords, traffic, traffic cost, branded traffic, and non-branded traffic.


Ahrefs is considered an ideal tool for SEO as it helps businesses analyze plenty of details about their ventures and boost their organic traffic. However, it is also a perfect solution to keep track of your competitor’s SEO performance. Entrepreneurs can use it to find the ranking keywords, organic traffic, and PPC campaign performance of their rivals.

You can use the Ahrefs ‘Site Explorer’ for an improved competitor analysis at $99 per month only. It helps you to know about the keywords that bring the most traffic to a competitor's website. Hence, you can also estimate the traffic other advertisers are generating with their strategies.


Crayon is an artificially intelligent tool used by many for competitor analysis. With the growing use of AI in every field, businesses are now using it to outstand others in the market. This tool helps you earn valuable insights about your competitor’s strategies and improve yours as a result. Most struggling brands prefer this tool as it is an ideal one to track a brand's social media activity easily.


One of the most recognized tools to keep track of competitors and their PPC ads is iSpionage. You can use this tool to find what keywords your rivals are targeting and how much traffic is being generated from those keywords. Also, this tool can help you find other advertisers in the list competing for a particular keyword. By making the most of this tool, you can maintain your budget spent on ad campaigns.

Are You Ready To Outdo Your Competitors?

It is no doubt that a detailed competitor analysis can you improve your Google ads campaign. However, analyzing other brands around you is not the end of the world. Rather than putting all your focus on your competitors, try to prioritize your industry. Always make sure of the latest market trends to understand the demands of the industry.

It is because staying up to date can help you plan a successful PPC strategy. Now, do you think the article was worth a read? If yes, then please let us know in the comments below. Also, share your reviews about performing competitor analysis. Do not forget to mention the names of the tools that you use to analyze your competitor's strategies.

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