Bing Ads vs Google Ads: Which Ad Platform You Should Choose?

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Most businesses today invest millions in PPC ad campaigns. This year, the overall revenue of digital advertising is expected to cross $740 billion. It explains the growing importance of online ads in today's market. Being the rulers of the PPC industry, most professionals come across the Bing Ads vs Google Ads debate.

An average of companies believe that combining the two platforms can create a better strategy. However, the remaining entrepreneurs are stuck between choosing the best platform. To help these individuals, we have shared a detailed guide based on this debate. For a better understanding of both platforms, let us start with a brief introduction to Bing Ads and Google Ads.

Bing Ads vs Google Ads: A Brief Introduction

Introduction Topping Ads

Bing Ads, now recognized as Microsoft Ads is a popular platform for PPC marketing. It is a professional-grade advertising model used by different businesses to set up their pay-per-click campaigns for the official search engines of Bing, Yahoo, and AOL. Professionals benefit from this platform by creating keyword-based ads and connecting with target audiences. It means, that whenever an individual searches for one of these keywords, your ad may appear in the search results. According to stats, it successfully crossed 1.1 billion monthly active users last year, making it the second most popular search engine after Google.

Introduction to Google Ads

Google Ads is known as the best advertising platform for PPC marketing. It is used by more than 80% of people all over the world. Because it is owned by Google, most companies prefer using it to display their ads on the Google search engine. Business owners benefit from this model by setting up keyword-based campaigns to promote their products and services among target audiences. Also, it helps to create pay-per-click ads in multiple formats including images, videos, text, and any other type of interactive content.

Bing Ads Vs Google Ads: Defining Their Types

Both Google and Bing Ads consist of a variety of types. Let us look individually at both ad types.

The Different Types of Bing Ads

1.  Audience Ads

Audience ads are highly optimized ads that appear on the screens of potential customers only. These ads use Microsoft AI and ad optimization tools to find people who may be interested in a particular brand. These appear in the form of video ads, native ads, and display ads.

2.  App Install Ads

App install ads are an ideal solution for app owners looking to expand their reach and boost the number of downloads. These are a type of text ads with a direct link to the app for easy downloading. By clicking on these ads, visitors can directly land on the App Store or Google Play Store to instantly download the app.

3.  Product Ads

Product ads, as the name applies, are Bing ads customized particularly for product promotion. These include original product pictures along with their details like price and retailer.

4.  Multimedia Ads

Multimedia ads are the ones that appear in the mainline without affecting the placement of any other sidebar ads. These are highly attractive and attention-grabbing ads with appealing visuals and imagery of a product or brand to boost customer engagement and conversion.

5.  Responsive Search Ads

Responsive search ads are special ads created by Microsoft. For such ads, creators are advised to provide four product descriptions and approximately 15 headlines to the campaign. In response, Microsoft creates the best and most suitable combination of headline and description that directly grabs customer attention.

The Different Types of Google Ads

1.  Local Search Ads

Local search ads are the basic ones automatically generated by Google on the provision of primary product details like videos, images, and text. These can easily be displayed on a variety of locations like Google Maps, Google Display, YouTube, and Google Search.

2.  Responsive Search Ads

Responsive search ads for Google are similar to that of Bing. Professionals are advised to four different product descriptions and 15 headlines. Later than, Google workouts on these two create an appropriate combination that can quickly attract customer attention.

3.  Display Ads

Display ads are a form of image ads that are mostly used to start an awareness campaign for a brand. These include the best quality graphics either animated or static and run on the Google Display Network. It means these ads can be visible on different websites that collaborate with Google.

4.  Video Ads

Video ads are one of the finest trusted ways to promote products and grab customer attention. These ads can run on different websites that partner with Google, making it possible for brands to appear on YouTube ads. Also, these ads are said to have a greater reach than image and text ads as more people are interested in watching videos on social media.

5.  App Ads

App ads, as the name implies are used to promote an app on the Google Play store. These ads are also available on YouTube, Google Discover, and Google Display Network. Their prime purpose is to increase the number of downloads, subscriptions, and registrations. In case, an app owner wants to target iOS users, he or she can run an Apple Ad campaign.

6.  Shopping Ads

Shopping ads tend to promote product shopping by sharing the image, cost, product name, and online store link with target audiences. These ads are displayed under the SERP results and appear in Google Images or Google Search easily.

However, make sure to have a shopping cart on your website to run this type of ad.

Bing Ads Vs Google Ads: Primary Differences Between Both

According to reports, the overall market share of Google ads is most expected to cross 93.37% this year. On the other hand, Bing holds only 2.81% of the market share globally. However, it has a higher reach in the United States making it to 6.33%.

Moreover, Google ads generate a higher revenue than Bing ads and reach a higher audience than the latter. While both the platforms have a few things in common like displaying ads, promoting app downloads, and performing PPC, there are plenty of differences that can help to compare between Google and Bing.

The Difference in Networks

Undoubtedly, Google adds networks cover a higher number of people than Bing. It collaborates with the Google display network, YouTube, Google Discover, and plenty of other platforms. These together it can easily reach approximately 1 trillion users globally. By connecting with more than 90% of people, it has extended its monthly user base to 1 billion.

On the other hand, Microsoft partners with recognized platforms like DuckDuckGo, Xbox, AOL, Outlook, and MSN. Each of these networks connects with millions of users every month.

The Differences in Cost

When comparing the two, Google advertising costs higher than Bing. This is because Google ads have higher competition than Bing Ads. As a result, the cost per click is higher for the more competitive platform.

The Difference in Keywords

Google and Bing are the finest PPC advertisement platforms that use keywords to target audiences. However, Google offers more control over the keywords as compared to Bing. While Microsoft ads may target the same keywords, they often perform differently for multiple keywords in case there is a difference in audiences being targeted.

The Difference in App Ads

Google and Bing offer mobile and app ads to easily target smartphone users all over the planet. However, Google is said to have a higher reach due to its extensive mobile ecosystem. Not taking a step behind, Microsoft benefits users by automatically recognizing the device type and customizing an ad for the Apple Store or Google Play Store. Google does not offer this feature and requires users to create separate Apple App ads for iOS users.

The Difference in Demographics

 After going through are detailed analysis, it is examined that Google has a broader reach covering almost 95% of the people worldwide. On the other hand, the audiences for Microsoft ads are mostly from higher age groups showing interest in particular categories. However, it is also analyzed that the number of people using the Bing search engine do not prefer using Google. This means, that both platforms target different audiences across the globe.

The Difference in Ad Formats

Google and Microsoft ads equally support the use of images, texts, and videos. Nevertheless, many users believe that Google offers more customization options than Bing. For this reason, Bing campaigns are said to be simpler and sophisticated.

The Difference in Regions

Google ads cover approximately 94% of the regions worldwide and offer targeting in more than 130 languages. Bing Ads, on the other hand, cover 234 regions all over the globe and can be translated into 105 different languages worldwide.

Bing Ads Vs Google Ads: Benefits and Drawbacks

While Google and Bing have a lot in common, they also share plenty of differences. In addition, both platforms share a different set of pros and cons.

The Pros and Cons of Google Ads

  • Google is the most popular search engine all over the market.
  • It works with high-quality and advanced keyword tools that help business owners to enhance their ad campaigns.
  • The average ROI of this platform is 200% according to which you can successfully receive $2.00 for every $1.00 spent.
  • Ads created by Google offer a retargeting option for a better experience.
  • The extensive mobile ecosystem powered by Google can cover more smartphone users.
  • Due to higher competition in the market, Google offers a higher cost per click, which can result in expenses for users.
  • Professionals must give complete attention to Google ads for successful results.
  • Google ads completely depend on the budget you invest and can stop working if the budget goes down.

The Pros and Cons of Bing Ads

  • Due to lower competition, Bing Ads are more budget-friendly as compared to Google.
  • Besides displaying ads on the Bing search engine, Microsoft also targets Yahoo and MSN.
  • Most ads by Microsoft appear on the top of search engine page results making it easier for audiences to interact with a business.
  • Bing Ads are a better option to connect with audiences in the USA.
  • Because Microsoft covers sophisticated audiences, it is considered a better option for B2B sales.
  • Promoting business on Bing leads to less traffic due to smaller reach.
  • As it ranks second after the Google search engine, the target audiences of Microsoft or smaller in number.
  • Due to its popularity in the USA, Bing makes it difficult to connect with audiences worldwide.

Bing Ads Vs Google Ads: Which Platform to Choose?

After going through a detailed comparison of both platforms, the debate between Bing Ads and Google Ads is won by Google. More than 1.2 million businesses all over the world prefer Google ads for their promotion. However, the different statistics and facts about Microsoft ads do not make it any less. It majorly covers the number of users who do not prefer using Google ads.

For this reason, using Google can cost you a variety of users. According to most experts, using both platforms together can help to create a better marketing strategy. Also, it can help to target more audiences on countless networks. All you need to have is a better PPC strategy that boosts your efforts on either platform.

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