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Do you need help with your PPC campaigns? Do you struggle to manage your PPC account and lack the time or money necessary to do so? If so, you can trust us. As the top pay-per-click management services provider in New York, we serve our clients as a New York PPC agency.


YDL excels in offering top-class PPC campaign services to businesses in New York City. Allow our experts to handle it from scratch, we'll set up your account and optimize your campaigns with proper keyword research and landing page management.

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Our Services As New York PPC Company

Paid Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing is the best and most effective way to promote your company through PPC advertising. We can help you as a full-service digital agency with a clear strategy so you can use our Google AdWords campaigns to generate high-quality leads quickly and affordably.

Paid Social Media Marketing

You can successfully reach your customers through social media advertising. Customize and market the right message to a specific group of people you want them to board as your buyers. Paid social media is much more than what it looks like. People are spending more time on social media than before, why not seize the opportunity to let them know what you are selling?

A/B Split Testing

A/B For a website or PPC marketing campaign, split testing enables you to compare two versions of a page, its content, or its design. This makes it easier to apply different marketing techniques and determine which ones are more successful in achieving the desired results. YDL is here to help you with the ad testing process to bring in your client at the right time.

Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager has made it very easy to track your ad conversion via PPC management. Contact YDL today to set up your PPC account and conversation tracking services in New York. Our experts can help you configure the code and configure it to work flawlessly on different platforms or devices.

Landing Page Design

Landing pages are a must-include part of any digital marketing plan because they increase the number of visitors you can convert into paying clients. YourDigiLab is the finest New York PPC company that will help you set up an attractive landing page design for your website.

Display Ads

There are millions of websites ready to show your display ads online. All you need to do is connect with us, and we will help you get involved with such websites with the help of our vast networks in New York. YDL is a reliable New York PPC agency that will select the right combination of websites to display the advertising services, ensuring the company's purpose and mission.

A PPC Agency in New York can rely on 

To ensure the success of your business, YDL is here to offer you the best PPC services and display advertising services. With our marketing initiatives and integrated marketing solutions, like Pay Per Click Advertising in New York, we can increase your conversions and click-through rates. We encourage our clients to ask us any questions at any time, not just during the project deployment stages, as we have an open-door policy.


No matter when they need help, our staff is available 24/7! Each client is assigned a dedicated PPC manager who will work closely with them throughout the process. We ensure that every aspect of our marketing initiatives is executed flawlessly from start to finish. Unlike other New York PPC agencies or service providers, we aim to deliver long-term results to your company with our exceptional PPC services.

The Way We Plan Our PPC Services
The Way We Plan Our PPC Services


Benefits You Take From New York PPC Agency


With the help of our carefully planned campaigns and thorough research, YourDigiLab has achieved an amazing conversion rate. We prioritize long-term goals that can only be achieved through careful management, so your company will never miss out on online marketing success!


For companies looking for PPC ad solutions, YourDigiLab specializes in pay-per-click services. We can increase the number of people who visit your website and are actively looking for your goods or services.


We have built accurate Pay-Per-Click (PPC) plans using tested methods on Google AdWords and Facebook Ads. Our firm can help you use paid advertising to grow your business. We have more than 14 years of experience and offer excellent customer care right from the start.


Frequently Asked Questions

Everything You Need To Know About How We Offer The Services

A variety of variables, such as your industry, quality score, budget, competition, and the quality of your product or service, affect the results of PPC advertising in New York. In essence, if everything is done correctly, you will soon see an increase in traffic.

No, everything from keyword research to campaign setup, optimization, and analysis will be included in the service fee. Depending on your business objectives and financial resources, the media budget can be handled freely.

We can create as many campaigns as you want. The number of campaigns will definitely affect pricing as it will affect how much time and effort our team needs to put into making sure everything runs smoothly. To get a more accurate estimate, you can use our website to request a free quote.

The time it takes us to launch a campaign is usually a week to a little longer, depending on the requirements and the research that needs to be done.

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