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PPC Agency in USA for Quick Results


Pay-per-click marketing comes with a chain of benefits. One of them is the generation of instant results. Being a dedicated PPC services provider within the country, we try our best to satisfy clients quickly. As soon as our experts launch your campaign, processing starts. Moreover, after an overnight interval, you can check the final results easily.


According to reports, the first three months of your campaign serve as a testing period. Therefore, we try our best to provide valuable data. As a result, you can come across more valuable results and increase your business value.

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PPC Agency for Enhanced Brand Visibility

Making your brand visible among your target audience is necessary for business growth. Hence, investing in a PPC marketing agency can solve your problems. Our company works with a reliable and dedicated team of marketing experts. As a result, we can enhance your visibility in target places on the internet. It will help people find you with little effort while boosting conversions.


Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is a surefire way to generate leads. It is because when you invest in paid clicks, the chances of getting potential customers increase quickly. Keep in mind, that when your ad appears on the top of search results, more people get to know about your brand. It makes you popular and lowers your cost per conversion.

PPC Agency for Overall Customization

To stay afloat in today’s competitive industry, customization is a rule. Henceforth, marketers emphasize customizing Google pay-per-click campaigns. It is the easiest way to attract your target audience with little effort. By connecting with the best PPC services, you can come across valuable data.


It can later be used for the optimization of Google ads and much more. Our experts give attention to specifications while creating campaigns. As a result, you can easily focus on appropriate keywords, keyword placement, and target audience. Also, you can customize your campaigns according to ZIP codes for better results.

What Are The Benefits Of PPC Services?

Adopting a PPC campaign for business promotion has plenty of benefits. This is a cost-effective strategy with a high click-through rate with each ad displayed. Also, it is one of the fastest marketing methods of all. While you pay for every click, positive results start to appear within the first week.


PPC ads are highly targeted as they focus on interested customers only. It is why your chances of boosting conversions are always maximum. In this type of marketing, Advertisers compel the audience to convert. Moreover, it brings potential traffic to your website. We can provide you with all these benefits if you like!

Our Process to Run a Successful PPC Ad Campaign

Auditing Current PPC Account

YourDigiLab prides itself on having a proven process that delivers consistent results. We are just not the leading PPC managers. We are marketing strategists who look at any marketing challenge holistically. The first thing we do is review the current status of the PPC account we are about to handle. This audit helps us locate unidentified opportunities as well as weaknesses. 

Keyword Research and Discussion

Initially, a meeting has been set up with the whole team to go over our timeline and go through each step of our process. If we are running a PPC campaign, the next step is to do keyword research according to the business goals and client requirements. We deliver our proposed new keyword list to our clients and seek their approval.

Account Setup & Optimization

This step involves optimizing all account settings, including campaign setup, ad copywriting and testing setup, ad group setup, bid setup, match type setup, extension setup, call tracking setup, goal tracking setup, ad design, negative keyword setup, and audience/in-market targeting setup.

Creative Ad Writing & Designing

Writing PPC ads requires a combination of art and science. Advertisements must be persuasive, informative, and direct while staying within strict character limits. Fortunately, YDL has a team of skilled copywriters who have been creating PPC ads for years. If we are running a display ad campaign, YourDigiLab will create multiple ad templates in the ad size dimensions recommended by the selected ad platform. Our ads aim to be catchy and appealing while representing our clients' brands.

Setting up A Landing Page

To achieve meaningful PPC success, ads must direct users to a conversion-driven landing page. YDL will help you write, design, and develop best-practice landing pages for your campaigns. Based on years of experience and testing different landing page formats, we've developed our own rules to design the best landing page.

Timely Reporting

We pride ourselves on reporting in your company's language, and we never try to mislead you with complex metrics, as it is crucial to keep our clients up to date on the status of their PPC campaigns. We provide and review monthly or weekly reports to clients as per their defined schedule.

Utilization Of Different PPC Ads

Social Ads

In the field of paid marketing, social ads carry high importance. It is why YourDigiLab is passionate about working on these. Also, such ads grow quickly in comparison to other advertisements. You can find them on leading social media channels like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

The science behind social ads is responsible for their outstanding performance. We work on this type because it targets audiences based on their networks, interests, and hobbies. If you opt for this ad category, make sure to have a strong social media presence. Also, work on the number of targeted customers to grow rapidly.

Display Ads

Of all the different pay-per-click advertisements, display ads always make a statement. These are the quickest in action when it comes to reaching the target audience.  A display ad will always appear on multiple websites that collaborate with Google.  It targets people who often go through relatable industry research.

At our PPC Company, we have an expert team that works on display ads. These involve the use of videos and photos for better interaction with the viewer. By sharing media through these ads, we encourage customers to take an action. We recommend you to try these ads if your sales cycle carries weight.

Google Shopping Ads

Shopping ads, as the name implies, revolve around e-commerce websites. These are the perfect marketing material for business owners with diverse products. You can find these ads beside the Google search results in the form of a carousel. It is the easiest way to inform customers about the prices before they land on any website.

It is why each of your paid clicks comes with a greater chance of conversions. Most advertisers assume that the target audience has learned about a business through these ads. YDL recommends vendors and retailers make the most of such ads and boost sales.

Remarketing Ads

Remarketing revolves around remembrance and revenue at once. It is a well-thought marketing strategy that grabs high converting customers from all over the Internet. We apply this type of PPC ad to double our clients' turnovers. Such ads are the best way to remind previously visited audiences about your website.

Not only this, but we also compel them to make a purchase again. Often people confuse it with search advertisement. However, it is a pocket-friendly method because you only pay for less competitive and highly targeted consumers. By creating smart re-marketing ads, we can bring the best out of your campaign if you like!

Amazon PPC Ads

Amazon marketing is the most popular pay-per-click advertisement method in the digital landscape.  These are special provisions for Amazon sellers throughout the industry. Therefore, we create these ads to make sure that vendors can boost sales, enhance brand awareness, and drive traffic easily.

By placing sponsored ads on your website, you can generate more converts. We try our best to drive the most favorable results out of your PPC campaigns. Our experts utilize their technical knowledge and experience to organize each of your campaigns. Most often, it leads to a higher increase in your revenue.

Search Ads

Search advertisement, as discussed above, is the commonest type of pay-per-click marketing. This paid search promotion strategy targets interested customers only. It means your ad will only appear to people looking for your website. According to experts, such ads are an ideal approach for one-time campaign promotions.

When business owners wish to increase sales within a short interval, search ads can be helpful.  At our PPC agency, we work on this type, when clients aim for high conversions from first-time visitors