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Hedera Token Service

Our experts understand the importance of tokenizing real-world assets using the Hedera token service. We use blockchain technology to tokenize anything from traditional assets to exotic ones. You can hire us to tokenize commodities, funds, celebrities, artwork, and a lot more.

Smart Contracts Development Service

At YDL, our blockchain developers deploy solidity smart contracts using the Hedera public and private networks. We give attention to different scalable and B2C applications as it helps in the growth of the industry. Also, we can easily deploy smart contracts to create a token that may further represent an asset.

Hedera Hashgraph App Consultancy Service

More businesses today are moving towards Hashgraph. For this reason, we help other startups and enterprises to identify the potential of Hedera Hashgraph technology. Our team performs a feasibility analysis and calculates its point of implementation in various business operations.

Hedera Hashgraph App Development Service

Our blockchain developers at YourDigiLab make the most of Hedera token service, consensus, and solidly based smart contracts for dApps. We develop and deploy decentralized apps using the Hedera Hashgraph platform. Connecting with us can help business owners secure their confidential data on the Hashgraph network.

Hedera Hashgraph Platform Integration Service

Our Hedera Hashgraph blockchain development company also tends to provide platform integration services to every client. By doing so, we create a Hedera Hashgraph platform and integrate existing applications into it. We migrate the business layer into smart contracts and therefore commit transactions to the Hedera framework.

Hedera Technical Design Service

Our Hedera Hashgraph developers tend to generate a high-quality user interface for all elements consisting of an architectural design. From creating professional-grade blueprint designs to a seamless data structure of the entire platform, we practice everything. Our design team makes sure to provide a robust user experience to every end user.

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Seamless Presence

Our Hedera Hashgraph blockchain development services are available 24 hours a day. We make sure to provide better customer satisfaction at every point. Our online team stays active all day to provide you with the best blockchain solutions according to your business requirements.

One Stop Solution

YourDigiLab promises to provide the best possible solutions with reliable and promising outcomes. Our work approach revolves around every client’s budget and needs to easily meet business goals. We create the best blockchain-based projects without compromising the quality.

Smart Development Team

At YDL, we work with a smart and dedicated team of Hedera Hashgraph developers. Our employees are talented and skilled enough to create decentralized applications compatible with any operating system. We have been helping business owners to create their blockchain network seamlessly.


Everything You Need To Know About How We Offer The Services

The Hedera token service allows the management and transfer of fungible and non-fungible token assets that may tend to represent digital or physical goods. By providing this service at YourDigiLab, we verify the authenticity of these goods and further track products employing a supply chain.

Yes, the Hedera Hashgraph is better and faster than most major blockchains, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. It can handle 500,000 transactions per second. Also, its predictable low fees are estimated to cost only 0.001 dollars per transaction. Comparatively, Bitcoin costs 22.57 dollars per transaction, and Ethereum costs approximately 19.55 dollars per transaction.

The Hedera Hashgraph serves as a cryptocurrency network that is dedicated to working as a platform where business owners can deploy and transact applications. It seems to have great potential in the upcoming years as the acceptance of cryptocurrency rises in the market.

Hedera Hashgraph offers the following benefits to every user. *) Performance – It can manage approximately 500,000 transactions per second, which makes it highly scalable. *) Fairness – It tends to handle all transactions in chronological order through cryptographic time stamping. *) Uniqueness – It works on the process of peer-to-peer networks for digital communication combined with virtual voting. *) Security – It creates applications that can easily recover from the Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks by following the Asynchronous Byzantine Tolerance System. *) User experience – It serves to offer high-fidelity technical designs that may provide a seamless user experience.

Hedera is built in a way to perform transactions at a higher speed and a lower cost than its competitors. It can handle approximately 500,000 transactions per second. Which is considered far more than Bitcoin and Ethereum. Also, it can manage a transaction in not more than three to five seconds.

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