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YourDigiLab has been operating as a Columbus local SEO company for almost a decade now. With the latest tools and revenue-driving strategies, we strive to help businesses grow. Our prime goal is to make sure that professionals can earn an online presence easily across the web. As a brand owner, you can hire our experts in the following situations,


  • You are unable to outdo competitors in your industry.
  • Your website is unable to establish an online presence across the web.
  • Search engines find it difficult to rank your website on top pages.
  • Visitors cannot find your website by using obvious keywords.

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Benefits Of Our Columbus SEO Company

Search engine optimization offers plenty of benefits to business owners. We at YDL offer dedicated SEO services to our entire clientele. Connecting with us can help you come across a few of the below-discussed benefits.

Increased Potential Traffic

YourDigiLab works with a team of experts ready to optimize the entire website for search engines. Our professionals apply the right strategies that help brand owners to attract potential customers easily. By appearing on the top pages of Google, audiences tend you find you quickly. Also, we provide local SEO services to help nearby customers visit your venture.

Elevated Brand Awareness

SEO is a simple approach that helps to boost the identity of a brand. Experts consider it one of the best brand awareness strategies for online businesses. Our team makes sure to promote your brand on multiple platforms and help people learn about it. Also, it results in building customer trust and adds positively to the number of loyal users.

Cost-Effective Leads

SEO is a budget-friendly strategy as it provides long-term benefits to a business. Unlike PPC advertisement, it does not require bidding to bring traffic. Rather, it attracts potential audiences by helping your website appear at the top of search engine results. We try our best to optimize every website for the top pages of Google and improve lead generation.

How To Make SEO Services Columbus Successful?

Regular Monthly Reporting

Transparent reporting is a major factor that speeds up SEO. We at YDL consider it necessary and practice regular reporting. Our experts share detailed analytics and performance reports with the website owner monthly. It helps our clients to stay updated about their platforms and understand the effect of our strategies.

Revenue-Driving Results

YourDigiLab uses the latest tools to optimize every client’s website. We stay tuned to the latest trends and make sure to keep you ahead of your competitors. Connecting with us can help you achieve promising results and a higher ROI. Our experts can easily plan customized strategies and methods according to the client's business and niche.

Increased Organic Traffic

We seek to direct organic traffic toward your website by boosting your SERP ranking. By appearing on the top pages of Google, customers tend to trust your business more. As a result, more people visit your website and enhance its visibility on search engines. Also, it improves your brand awareness and helps you establish an identity in the market.

Valued Client Partnership

Our Columbus SEO firm values its partnership with different clients. We believe in strengthening our bond with multiple customers by offering high-quality services. Professionals at our company work dedicatedly to understand your unique needs and cater to them perfectly. We try to customize strategies according to the project.

Our Promising Chain Of Columbus SEO Services

Content Creation

Content makes up more than half of your website. For this reason, content optimization is an important part of our SEO strategy. At YDL, we have hired a team of the finest content writers from all over the market. Our professionals apply multiple content marketing strategies on the website to gain potential traffic.

Keyword Research

Keywords are mandatory to promote a website on popular search engines. We use the best keyword research tools to find the right keywords for every website. Our professionals work on keywords with higher search volume and lower traffic. Also, we use phrases and search terms used by customers to search for different services and products.

Video Production

Videos are a form of content used by professionals for business promotion. We advertise our client's products and services through videos. Our company has an experienced team that offers video production services to business owners. It helps to quickly build customer trust and boosts the brand identity.

Social Media Marketing

YDL gives attention to social media marketing for every project. We promote our client's websites on multiple media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. It is a helpful approach to attract target audiences from all over the world. We are experts in managing multiple social media campaigns as it helps us to generate leads.

Link Building

With a highly qualified team of link builders, our Company adapts multiple ways of SEO. We give attention to internal linking as it helps us to promote older pages of our client's websites. Further, we use external linking to add high-authority links from qualified resources. It altogether helps search engines index and crawl a website.

Website Audit

A website audit is a key element of our SEO strategy. We make sure to audit our client's websites as it helps us to identify hidden errors and resolve them in their earlier stages. Also, it helps us to come across multiple areas for improvement and make the website better. Doing so is it effective approach once the user experience.

Customer-Recommended An SEO Company In Columbus


Search engine optimization is a process that every business needs. When investing in digital marketing strategies, one must look for a reliable firm. While there are plenty of SEO services all over the web, make sure to check before hiring one of these. Fortunately, YourDigiLab owns plenty of positive reviews from visitors and loyal consumers. For this reason, feel free to hire us and promote your venture throughout the industry.


We offer different packages for our clients as per their business and its requirements. Also, our Columbus SEO experts can customize strategies for particular clients. By optimizing websites, we have been helping professionals to establish their brand identity. With years of experience, we can promote almost any venture in a short span. For more, visit our homepage and start advertising your business!

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Everything You Need To Know About How We Offer The Services

The cost of SEO can fall anywhere from $5000 per month to $10,000 per month. However, our SEO Company Columbus offers different charges for these services. We have different packages depending on the services you require. Also, we offer lower charges for local SEO falling $3000 to $5000.

According to experts, an ideal score for SEO falls somewhere around 80.  However, for websites with a score over 90, the results are astonishing. It means that your website is listed in the top 10% of the best technically optimized websites.

According to different reports, page speed is considered one of the key elements to boosting SEO. At YDL, We focus on the web page speed and mobile page speed of every website. It helps to enhance the customer experience and brings more traffic.

SEO tools are used to calculate the overall website score and performance. Our Columbus SEO Agency uses the latest SEO tools to uncover multiple areas of opportunity for our projects. Also, these tools help us to identify different errors and areas of improvement as it helps us to boost the SERP ranking.

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